How Graphology can help the growth of the business

The organizations are taking efforts to look at the organizational issues with a new lens and upgrade the overall productivity. One such effort which is being taken by the organizations is- Graphology

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As we are ushering in the new era of science and technology, the science of doing business is also undergoing tremendous changes. While the objective of the businesses continues to remain the same, i.e. to make financial gains, the methodology of doing so is changing. The organizations are taking efforts to look at the organizational issues with a new lens and upgrade the overall productivity. 


One such effort which is being taken by the organizations is- Graphology. 

What is Graphology?

Definition per se, graphology can be defined as the science of understanding the human subconscious mind through handwriting. In simpler words, it is the analysis of one’s handwriting, with its patterns and physical characteristics, done in order to identify and understand a writer and his or her psychological state while writing. 

Of late, a number of organizations are approaching graphologists to consult their business issues such as administration, growth, and expansion and improving their teams and productivity. Business leaders are always looking for ways to enhance their teams and expand their teams and what could be a better way to do so than knowing your people. 

Graphology can help business leaders make wise strategic decisions. Given below are some of the ways in which graphology helps:

  1. Better Assessment of Employees: Even though interview responses help to judge the overall personality of a person, they do not help in the identification of the personal traits which are more crucial in the longer run. Graphologists can help employers in gauging the expected employees’ personality traits such as honesty, morals, ethics, ambition in life, and state of mental health. All these factors play a vital role in the long-run contribution of an employee to an organization. Employers are understanding its importance and are increasingly investing in this science to enhance their hiring procedure. 

  2. Better Identification of the Business Partner: A business partner holds a lot of potentials to help you with the growth or fall of your business. Hence, it is very essential to choose the one wisely. While looking for a business partner, people often look at the successful track record, like-mindedness, and the ambitious nature of the person. These should not be all that one should be looking for. More than the exterior traits, it is important to understand the person inside, with an awareness of their strengths and weaknesses. Using graphology can help in a great way. A graphologist can help you by analyzing your business partner’s handwriting and list down the basis of their traits which you can make the right decision. 

  3. Enhancing Overall Profitability of an Organization: Several business leaders have been found to approach graphologists to take key decisions and measures pertaining to risk mitigation, budgeting and forecasting, and detecting unethical practices. Organizations often face business losses due to internal problems among teams and immoral activities. A graphologist is very much capable of identifying such people and problems and once they are eradicated from the team, the business profits can move up automatically. 

  4. Retaining Employees: Since graphology helps in understanding people, it becomes easier to hold on to them. Once you know what their personality is, what their demand is from the life and organization, it becomes easier for the employer to provide them with the same, and keep them happy in the organization, working collectively for a better workplace.

  5. Improving the overall business growth: As we mentioned in the above pointers, graphology can help in various facets of a business. And when these facets are being taken care of, there is no way that the overall growth of the business can be obstructed. When a business's employer selection process is in place, the business partner can be chosen wisely, right decisions can be taken for better profitability and output, how can an organization not grow in totality! Graphology, while saves costing in a number of areas, also brings efficiency in various pockets of business, helping with the long-run growth and development of business. This could be seen in terms of footfall, more sales, money recovery, stability in business, and improvement in the flow of financial funds.

Some of the examples of graphological analysis are:

Identifying extroverts and introverts within a team: If someone is found with a larger size handwriting, it is likely they are extrovert, outgoing, has a good amount of confidence, and are result-oriented. On the other hand, people with smaller size handwriting are found to be more introverts.

Thinkers in the team: People with smaller size handwriting often turn out to be great insightful thinkers in a team with a good focus on detailing and finesse. 

  • Identification of team players: It is often found that people with curvy connected handwriting are open to bonding and work well as a team member.   

For a change, entrepreneurs have been engaging with graphologists on an extended scale, working towards the betterment of their business. Handwriting is no more just handwriting. It has become a tool to have a better fit on board who can take businesses to new heights.