Planning a Startup Office From Home? Here's a List Of Items You Can Rent To Save Money

Almost all studies about the work environment speak about the interior design of the workplace is one of the top factors that affect the performance of the employees

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Your ground-breaking entrepreneurial idea that you have been conceptualizing for years now, has evolved into a full-fledged startup. 


Unless in the very early stages of the startup, entrepreneurs would either choose a co-working space or a private rented setting for their startup office, but currently, the lockdown has proved that working from home could also be as productive. All you need to have is the right working environment. 

Almost all studies about the work environment speak about the interior design of the workplace is one of the top factors that affect the performance of the employees and offers job satisfaction. A startup office demands a creative, vibrant and relaxed environment to bring out the most productive side of employees. At the same time, you should not invest all your funding in just setting up your office. Even with a low budget, you can create wonders at your office. Furniture rental companies provide the best options for furniture that will give your office or home office ‘the startup vibe’.

Here is the list of items you can rent for your office.

Desk for the founder with a comfortable chair: A startup founder is a person whose dreams don’t let him/her sleep at night and drives them to work 24x7. Their desk and the chair becomes a true companion during those long working hours. A well-rested body leads to better ideas. Hence, an ergonomic and comfortable chair with casters is a preferred choice. While selecting a desk, you should keep in mind the placement of the desk—it can we wall facing or room facing. Make sure you think about what you like to look at when you are working. 

Side table/television console:  A side table or console is requisite to keep your printer, fax machine, etc., which makes your tabletop uncluttered. An untidy desk gives an exhaustive feeling and an unhealthy work environment. A well-kept desk not only makes your workspace alluring but also helps you think and work better.

Seatings for the staff:  A startup usually consists of fewer team members, with a specialized skill set. Their hard work and expertise play a crucial role in the prosperity of a startup. Therefore, the consideration of staffs’ workspace is equally important. There are several options of desks to rent, that will give your office a trendy look and would be economical. 

You can even use a dining table which is modern and can double up as work seating and a conference table when needed. It can work as a lunch table too! Triple whammy! 

Television set:  A television set can be placed at the head side of the desk. It will work as a dashboard, having the ability to project data on to a screen, which comes in handy during presentations. It could also be used for the conference calls that will give the receiver a view of a profession setup. 

Serene sofa set:  A smart sofa set can easily make a dull office space look lively with its serene look. It will exuberate a good impression to visitors. 

After a hard day of work, the same sofa set can transform your workspace into a casual lounge over a cup of coffee, where you can unleash creativity using those beautiful brain cells with your team.