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Todd Isberner's Faith and Family-Based Blueprint for Repeatable Success

Learn Todd Isberner's practical blueprint for building a purposeful and satisfying life.

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Am I enough? Do I have what it takes? How do you instill and multiply confidence and trustworthiness in all areas of your as a man? And how many times have you reinvented yourself over the course of your life and your career? Could it be your marriages, your jobs, maybe the businesses you've started and sold? 

The University of Warwick studied 1.3 million adults in 51 countries and found a measurable decline in at age 40. The research found that midlife divorce rates in the United States have doubled since the 1990s. No wonder it's been called the dark night of the soul. It's when you reach a wall in your career and your business, your , your life, your relationship with your children, and even your body start to change.

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Todd Isberner guides men who are looking for a practical blueprint on how to master four foundational cornerstones of life -- faith, family fitness, and finances -- to build a purposeful and satisfying life.

Isberner has been there and done that. He's the bestselling author of What Every Man Needs to Know, winner of the Christian Music Broadcasters Industry Achievement Award, and has help raise funds for organizations including K- Radio Network, Compassion International, the Salvation Army, Reach Beyond Global Media, and radio networks in England, Australia and .

These days, giving back and making a positive impact are his core focuses.

From Isberner’s perspective, the biggest thing men struggle with today is an identity crisis. He believes they’re getting increasingly confused with who they're supposed to be and what their role and purpose are. The certainty and clarity of how a man is wired is dissipating in obscurity.

Isberner is defiantly standing up and saying, “No! Reclaim who you are wired to be.” We function in the fullness of our manness, and that is the road to not just happiness and success in life, but the road to true contribution and the betterment of others. There are way too many men out there who were designed to be eagles and soar, says Isberner, but instead, they’re scratching and pecking around like chickens.

His mission is simple: help men rediscover who they are, what their role is, how to be successful and fulfilled, and convince them they actually do have what it takes and that they’re more than enough.

Isberner was educated in the school of hard knocks. He grew up in a little town in Minnesota; he and his siblings had a great mom and a dad, who raised them in the Catholic church. From childhood, he thought that he would go into the priesthood -- that is, until the ninth grade. By the end of that school year, the furthest thing from his mind was becoming a priest.

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He discovered girls, parties and athletics, and ultimately embarked on a 10-year road of rebellion and bad choices that caused some tremendous consequences, including getting married at a young age, being a lousy husband, and losing his wife to another man. It devastated him.

He felt like his face was literally in the dirt, but it needed to be because that's the only way he could look up. When he finally did look up, he called out to God, and through a series of circumstances, he had a spiritual conversion. It was a pivotal moment in his life.

From that point on, things began to change. He was a single dad, co-raising two young daughters, went to seminary, and started a business. He decided to use his gifts to serve others and pivoted his business toward helping organizations that needed funding. He and his team became experts in the nonprofit world, and after 42 years of doing this very fulfilling work, he sold the business and developed his Cornerstone System, a blueprint for success.

Todd Isberner’s Cornerstone System

  • Faith: Isberner believes that faith is the glue that holds everything together. People get nervous talking about God, but Todd believes spiritual growth is a lifelong journey, and that our Creator made you because he loves you and wanted you here at this time and place in history. 

  • Family: Every man is a son. Many are also husbands, former husbands, husbands to be, and dads. Family must be that safe place where you are rewarded with feelings of love, respect, security, and . Always put your family and wife’s needs ahead of your own. Isberner suggests men use the “No Resistance button.” It’s very simple… she is always right, period. Even when you are right, and you know you're right, let her be right. In doing so, you show her respect, that her opinion is valued, and that you’re not controlling her. Your relationship will experience unbelievable respect and freedom as a result of this approach. 

  • Fitness: Two things that will get you fit: knowing what you want and knowing why you want it. One of the benefits of participating in a fitness program is that you also toughen up your mind each time you tell your body what to do while it’s experiencing discomfort or pain. You’re developing a stronger mind as you develop a strong body. 

  • Finances: You have a relationship with money just as you have a relationship with your family. What you think about money defines who you are, but your financial statements are not proof of your value. Money doesn't prove your true success in life -- unless that's the meaning you give it. Learning better ways to manage your money with purposeful intention, will free you from money entanglements so you can be defined by who you are, not what you have.  

So if you’re questioning…  who am I, really? How am I wired? Do I have what it takes to be the man I'm supposed to be? Am I fulfilling this purpose and role in life? If these questions are starting to surface and you're hungry for something more, start a conversation with Todd Isberner.

The reality is you’ve got more inside you than you realize, and working with a trusted advisor can help you unlock that potential for impact.

Get a free copy of Todd’s book here: And watch the BONUS video with Todd and Wendie here:



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