#4 Ways to Embrace Minimalism and Create Zen Office Space at Home

Minimalism isn't about ditching everything you love, its more about creating a zen place that reduces stress and brings productivity to your work

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If your dream home office is all about creating a zen place with keeping things simple, crisp, clean lines, elegant, Minimalism is for you. The whole idea behind creating a minimalist place is to reconnect with yourself after a long hectic day of work. 


As we are living in a new normal and home office has become a real deal. It's time to add layers and minimalism in your home cum work den now.  

To get the best ideas we spoke with Chandrika Thatai, Founder of FA Home - Fashion Accessories. "The idea of living simple offers a life with less stress, more freedom, less distraction, and more time. One of the things, I obsess over is how many tasteful elements can be layered to add depth & balance to any room. But of course, adding layers doesn’t equally mean adding clutter back in the room," says she.

What's important to understand is that heart of any interior design is cosy minimalism and from there, accents are added to layer the space and make it more comfortable. 

Being an expert in expertise in home textiles, accessories & apparels Thatai suggests ways to in-tune with the simplicity, add layers & embrace minimalism in your room.

Create A Bare Canvas

First and foremost, think about different spaces in a house e.g. the one you are using to work. Strip the space down to only its essentials, creating a solid canvas to work from. One always notices the space of the room, the mind is relaxed and stress-free when the room looks bare.

Add Layers

Nobody likes a bare canvas. All those minimalistic homes feel airy bright and open, but can be empty, dull, and sterile.

"Once the clutter is stripped away that bare room can be easily lifted by creating a contrast. Add different patterns, shapes, colours, and textures in the form of - a pop of colour, a hearty warmth, and a touch of everyday charm," says Thatai.

The understanding colour palette is important, she highlights. Incorporate colour that defines calmness, peace, and not distract you. 

Functional Items:

Minimalism is about discovering what is important and layers are functional items that you will use like:

  • Certain appliances (What do you need in your work office? Only add those appliances)
  • Storage items (Don't keep your sheets spread across, have storage racks to do the needful)
  • Functional accent furniture (We have tons of things all over our house, how about a chest drawer?)

Use Objects To Fill The Blank Canvas

  • Beautiful art as an accent piece - You can turn those bare walls into stylish centerpieces and add style to your room, so you can be around things you adore.
  • Rug - It's a great way to add colour and depth. It also allows you to mix textures. Depending on the look you’re going for your room, you can be bold or soft. 
  • Throw Colour blankets and pillows to accent sofas - "Another great way to make your space look better instantly is to throw blankets & pillows. It adds loads of personality and gives a feeling of cozy comfort. The few most common places to add throw blankets & pillows are - sofas, bed, chair, stool, baskets," Thatai explains. 
  • Plants - Opt for air purifier plants. They keep your bedroom simple and close to nature. They are the best thing to add to your home office.
  • Lighting - Light is abundant in minimalism to create warmth. Not only limited to natural light but artificial light as well. The more you let nature lights in, the better it gets when trying to think of ideas and getting productive.