GoPik Raises Funding From Private Investors In Singapore And India

The company's aim is to boost its rural distribution through an online and offline network

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India’s rural engagement network GoPik Connect Pvt. Ltd announced on Wednesday it has raised seed round funding of an undisclosed amount from private investors.


The seed round funding will support the company’s growth ambitions, ability to ever expand the engagement network, and further develop the existing network at the grass-roots level.

The company aims to make all kinds of goods and services available at every nook and corner of the country by connecting people with people.

“The team and I are really excited to have the support of our investors and we look forward to scale GoPik’s unique rural engagement network to other states by appointing new representatives —‘GoPik Dosts’ and bringing in local entrepreneurs through our ‘GoPik Bazaar’ digital initiative,” announced Sashwat Brahma, chief executive officer, and founder, GoPik Connect, in a statement.

The seed round funding was led by several private investors and senior global leaders, both from Singapore and India.

While the firm has not disclosed the names of investors, a global head of a multi-national bank said, “GoPik is truly a unique rural engagement network. We have been impressed by what the team has accomplished in a short period of time and we look forward to supporting their vision and mission. This is a good example of our focus on investing in unique and high potential initiatives.”

 “I immediately connected with GoPik’s vision of ‘Rural Inclusion,’ this is need of the hour,” added another investor who is a seasoned SME in financial services with experience of launching financial services in unprecedented areas like e-commerce, hospitality and organized retail industries.