Gadgets To Make You More Productive During Work From Home

Top picks to replicate your office environment at home

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Work from home (WFH) may prove to be challenging and it is crucial to have a proper setup. Let us help you build that perfect WFH setup to maximize productivity.


While some of the workers find it easy to WFH, there are others who are not adept to WFH culture and are facing difficulties to cop up with their productivity. If you are among those people, don’t worry. We have come up with a list of useful gadgets that will help you survive WFH like a pro.

Bluetooth keyboard

Cable clutter is one of the most frequent distractions, which is why we recommend everyone to get a Bluetooth keyboard. The one from Satechi is a good buy because it has backlit keys, which is extremely rare for a totally wireless keyboard. You can connect it to three devices using the Bluetooth pairing buttons above the number pad. Satechi’s keyboard can be recharged using a USB-C cable (included), so you don’t have to worry about keeping a stock of batteries.

Ultrawide monitor

An ultrawide monitor is the best purchase you can ever make for WFH. You can have three full-size windows up at the same time or countless windows overlapping. However, any monitor that is at least 34 inches in size with 1440dp or better resolution is what we recommend.

Sofa laptop desk

If you’re less interested in finding a new desk and it is easier for you to work from the couch, this will prop will allow you to work from the couch without feeling like you’re working from the couch. It has plenty of space for your phone, coffee mug, notebook, and laptop.

Nespresso inissia espresso machine

For people hopelessly addicted to iced lattes, you can finally invest in this espresso machine. It makes waking up in the morning a little more exciting when you don’t have to French press your own coffee. And it comes with a milk frother. Your day becomes even fresher with this little investment in your working area.

Standing desk

Some studies have shown that sitting for eight hours a day can lead to some nasty physical side effects, and while there isn’t a consensus around this it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Flexispot’s E9 is a standing desk that lets you adjust its height between 28.7 inches and 48.4 inches. This wide range ensures you’ll find the level for your comfort. You can change its position by pressing the up and down arrows on a panel on the right side of the desk. You can also save specific heights into the panel’s memory for easy access.

A multi-port hub

Anker’s USB-C hub allows .you to connect all of your accessories to your computer at once, and easily disconnect all of them when you’re done.

The hub can be connected to one of your computer’s USB-C ports and features: two USB-A ports, one USB-C port, an SD Card slot, a Micro SD Card slot, an Ethernet jack, and an HDMI port.

Plugging this hub into your PC or Mac will enable you to use your laptop with an external display, camera memory card, printer, flash drive, and cable modem at the same time. It even supports 85W power transfer, which means it can charge your laptop’s battery while connected.

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