This Author-Entrepreneur Believes Lack of Attention Span Is the Next Global Crisis

John Qreshi is on a clear mission to help people overcome this and other common issues that we face, such as procrastination and Shiny Objection Syndrome, among other

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John Qreshi Clair-Audient Psychic & Spiritual Healer has spent the last 18 years as a practitioner of Clairaudience and Esotericism, whilst serving as an executive master trainer and executive member of the American Board of Neuro-linguistic Programming and American Board of Hypnotherapy Center in New York City. His work and knowledge of spiritual healing and neuroscience have led him to recognize the dangers of this limited attention span.

John Qreshi

John Qreshi is on a clear mission to help people overcome this and other common issues that we face, such as procrastination, Shiny Objection Syndrome when entrepreneurs are constantly chasing new things, and a Disease to Please when you can’t seem to say ‘no’ even when you want to.

What Makes These Problems So Prevalent Leads to What Identity Are You Giving To Yourself Every Day?

Weather the problem is lack of attention span, perfectionism syndrome, disease to please or procrastination these problems are the symptoms of the main problem which is the self-image subconsciously we are giving to ourselves as also known as our Identity.

Qreshi believes how we subconsciously view ourselves influences our decisions and motivation.

If we feel we are not good enough, we are not talented enough, or we didn’t have the resources that others had growing up we can find ourselves limiting our potential.

So many people struggle their entire lives with these identity issues, never knowing how to overcome them. Through the training offered by the Clairaudient Psychic & bestselling author John Qreshi, developed through 18 years of research and practices, he is helping people to heal and to see themselves in a way that promotes productivity.

How Can You Begin to Heal and Grow

If you want to be a better person, make more money, or build your business into something great you can do so by changing this harmful self-image. Though how can we alter our own identity or self-image? After all, these views are usually developed in childhood and most of them become part of daily programmed identity in our subconscious mind. Before we can bring the actual problem in our awareness, 1st step is to unlearn and re-learn everything that has been stopping you from achieving what you really want. One of the common example could be as follows:

  1. What is preventing me from achieving what I want?
  2. What is there to learn from current and past bad experiences?
  3. What Identity do I need to give myself In order to achieve what I want?

Once you acknowledge the self-imposed identity, is to write it down along with anything else that is holding you back:

  • Do you fear suffering from failure or fear failure?
  • Do you feel you’re not worthy or good enough?
  • Do you have fear of rejection?
  • Are you afraid to ask investors for money?
  • Are you anxious about adding a new product or service to your business?
  • Are you worried you’re not skilled enough in your chosen career?

Qreshi further explained that all these fears can hold you back and lead to perfectionism and a lack of attention span or lack of focus.

How do we rewire our brains once we’ve acknowledged and recorded this limiting self-identity? It helps to carry ourselves differently. It might feel challenging at the beginning to alter these views, but if you carry yourself like someone important and confident it will hard wire that self-image into your habitual mind and you will start to feel that way.

According to recent research in neuroscience we are coming to a conclusion that 50 per cent of our negative thoughts are not even the truth, because our memory is creative and we made up some story based on the emotions and triggers we have felt by the person or situation.

So with that being said we can also consciously replace the negative thoughts that enter our minds with positive ones.

This can be the challenging step to do. That is why John Qreshi developed ways to use self-hypnosis and spiritual training for a fast working and powerful way to re-identify. Changing your identity into something more positive fosters fruitful confidence and increases creativity and resourcefulness. Recent research also shows it improves overall health as these more positive thoughts, both conscious and subconscious, affects your entire body.


Qreshi believes Law of attraction is a scam if you don’t take action but at the same time it’s magic if you organize your mental, spiritual & physical action towards what you want by the self-image you are giving to yourself every day. Choice is yours.

We all know that you can’t accomplish anything unless you work for it, but if your actions are restricted by overwhelming perfectionism, a lack of attention span, or time-consuming procrastination altering your harmful identity will open you up and help you work through these problems to become a wealthier you, both materially and spiritually.

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