In His Book "Entrepreneur: The Journey of A Lifetime," Entrepreneur Shailesh Dash Reflects On The Key To Becoming Successful

Raw, gritty, and straightforward, the book reveals the author's deepest thoughts, struggles and risks taken.

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How does one become successful? The answers lie in entrepreneur Shailesh Dash’s autobiography Entrepreneur: The Journey of a Lifetime, where he shares his life’s journey from a young child with a bright dream to a successful businessperson.


This riveting read brings to fore the passion Dash has for entrepreneurship and how to succeed in this equally challenging and exciting profession.

Dash doesn’t shy away from revealing his humble background, challenges faced, sacrifices made, and the disappointments faced. Raw, gritty, and straightforward, the book reveals the author’s deepest thoughts, struggles and risks taken.

In his reflections and his advice to the readers, Dash addresses the subject of success in entrepreneurship– how to find it and achieve one’s dream. Belief in oneself, staying focused, diligence, and the hunger to never stop learning is what makes extraordinary and successful entrepreneurs.

He says: “While going through our trials, ideas and failures all you need is to believe in your dreams, prepare well, but always be ready to change course in case things don’t go your way. But never leave your dreams.

Dash credits his success to his insatiable hunger for discipline, consistency, and spirituality. He delves into facing obstacles, seizing opportunities, and managing expectations. Using his experience as his guide he tells readers how to learn from mistakes and climb the ladder of entrepreneurship as well as find the right balance between hard work and partnerships.

Overall, the book is a compelling read for young entrepreneurs who are looking to succeed and achieve their dreams.

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