This Startup Is Trailblazing Industrial AI Sphere

Detect Technologies is innovating and providing highly sophisticated and advanced yet easy-to-understand AI solutions

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The enterprise tech startup sector is packed with companies capitalizing on growing demand — even amid the disruptions caused by the pandemic — for tools in the world of big data, DevOps, cloud, mobility, the internet of things, and cybersecurity.

Detect Technologies

According to Gartner, global IT spending is expected to grow by 6.2 per cent this year, with total spending projected to hit $3.9 trillion. The unprecedented acceleration of digital transformation in 2020 to satisfy the move to remote work, changes to education, and new social norms presented by lockdowns has largely offset the early hit to IT spending caused by the COVID-19 outbreak.

Technological progress has brought many possibilities and applications that are not only changing the reality but also changing the face and functioning of many industries and sectors. The innovation of AI has been nothing less than a revolution changing the decade-old functioning and methodologies. The applications of AI are unfolding now and then as it is relatively new plus its uses expand over different horizons and planes such as marketing, automation, etc. AI and its applications are being applied and used in many industries which is not only saving valuable man-hours which can be used for other crucial tasks, also AI is being used in manufacturing, product design, retail, value chain, supply chain, etc. which changes the game altogether and brings the industries and sectors involved leaps ahead into the future. The applications and new possibilities of AI are unraveling and its uses are equally thrilling and exciting.

Detect Technologies has been leading the sphere of innovation, providing highly sophisticated, advanced yet easy to understand and use applications and solutions in AI. They are the most looked after brand when it comes to Industrial AI solutions which are custom-made and perfected in every detail to make sure their clients receive a wide range of highly innovative and latest solutions all under one roof. Their competition in the market is far behind their learning curve and the respect and name of Detect in the Industrial AI space needs no introduction. They specialize in products and services, business models and operational sustainability, etc., and much more making them unparalleled in the industry and leaders of the innovation curve in the AI industry as a whole.

Chennai-based Detect Technologies Pvt Ltd is an Indian company focused on developing solutions for pipeline integrity and management. The company develops products that help in predictive maintenance of oil & gas pipelines and predicts leakages. The company's flagship product GUMPS is a fully automated continuous condition monitoring system for pipelines that can operate at temperature extremes. It also develops a semi-autonomous drone called Noctua for inspections of boilers and other O&G components. The company was part of Axilor Ventures' acceleration program. With the vision of making industries safe and efficient, their team is working to build smart and affordable technology. Right from its inception in 2016, Detect has achieved market penetration of 80 per cent in Oil & Gas sector within India and is also present in other process industries such as steel, power, chemical, and fertilizers.

Industrial AI startup Detect Technologies on Wednesday said it raised $12 million in funding led by Accel Partners with significant participation from existing investor Elevation  Capital.

Existing investors, including Bharat Innovation Fund, BlueHill Capital, and Axilor Ventures, also participated in the round, while Stride Ventures was the venture debt partner.

In a statement, Detect Technologies will use the investment to enhance industrial productivity globally and strengthen its leadership in accelerating the digitization of the industrial sector. The startup said it will also use a portion of the funds for R&D and product innovation.

It also aims to expand and strengthen its sales and operations teams across India and in North and South America, Singapore, Indonesia, the Middle East, and Europe to fulfill the accelerating demand for industrial automation.

The startup has a wide portfolio of industrial AI and IoT offerings. For example, its product T-Pulse — an end-to-end industrial project management solution — optimizes shutdowns, turnarounds, daily operations, and construction processes.

Detect has expanded into six new international territories within 10 months across sectors, including oil and gas, petrochemicals, construction, steel, metals, chemicals, fertilizers, pharmaceuticals, power, renewables, and cement.

Detect’s client portfolio has grown from over 25 to over 45 companies, and its solutions are implemented in more than 100 individual sites globally. Its current portfolio includes industrial giants like Shell, Tata Steel, ExxonMobil, Adani Group, Reliance, and several Fortune 500 companies.

Detect Technologies claims to have an elaborate portfolio of patented hardware and industrial AI software to automate industrial processes and deliver maximum industrial productivity globally. Their products include T-Pulse – an end-to-end industrial project management solution that optimizes shutdowns, turnarounds, daily operations, construction processes, projects, and more. Noctua.AI – An enterprise-AI software solution for holistic asset and plant performance management. GUMPS – A first-of-a-kind IoT sensor that monitors pipeline health and integrity in real-time on high-temperature pipelines. And other products and solutions for process optimization, UAV-based GIS mapping, asset integrity management, compliance management, remote monitoring, and more.

Detect Technologies’ chief executive officer and co-founder Daniel Raj David told Entrepreneur India that Detect’s solutions have increased industrial automation, improved maintenance substantially, and empowered decision-makers with the right data for swift decision-making. “We have delivered impact through real-time intelligence monitoring, which has resulted in multi-million dollars saved for facilities, reduced downtimes, and shutdowns which can result in $6-7 million in production losses, massive reduction in exposure time for workforce and increased industrial productivity,” he said.

“The company quickly adapted to modify its products to suit the needs of a post-COVID world. While the core values and mission of DeTect Technologies remained the same, Detect actively worked on making its models easy to deploy globally with reduced human intervention. As a result, Detect had active deployments in Canada, the USA, Singapore, Indonesia, and MEA,” David commented.

Additionally, it was evident that there was an urgent need for digitization in enterprises globally. The platform identified this situation and got the first-mover advantage by deploying its technologies in Shell and ExxonMobil.

David claimed that with a focus on industrial safety and compliance, Detect also pivoted its algorithms to include COVID compliance by monitoring social distancing and PPE mandates in real-time. This helped multiple facilities continue their operations while ensuring the safety of their workforce.

 “Our vision is to revolutionize the industrial sector by reimagining global industrial production. As the future lies in the successful adoption of the Internet of everything, building digital twins, and accelerating industrial transformation is the key. To achieve this, we plan on focusing on R&D and product innovation and investing in scaling the sales and operations teams internationally,” he further shared.