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Domino's Is Randomly Surprising Customers With $50 Million of Free Food: "It's My Lucky Day"

The "surprise frees" initiative will reward customers at random with free menu items added to their online orders.


If you’ve ever ordered delivery from an app or online, it isn’t surprising to realize you’ve been hit with astronomical delivery fees.

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In the wake of the pandemic, many companies have also begun charging Covid recovery or Covid-related fees for services as staff and food shortages sweep the nation.

But in an effort to counteract that, one fast-food chain is opting to dole out the opposite of fees by offering "frees."

Domino’s Pizza [DPZannounced the rollout of its “surprise frees” initiative, which will reward customers at random with free menu items added on to their orders, including hand tossed and handmade pan pizzas, the cult-favorite cheesy bread, chocolate lava crunch cakes and boneless chicken.

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The promotion will run through November 21 of this year and will total up to $50 million in free food distributed among over five million food items.

"Unlike many third-party food delivery apps, Domino's provides customers with one straightforward delivery fee, because we know that's what customers want and deserve,” Russell Weiner, chief operations officer and president of Domino's U.S., said in a statement. “There are no hidden city or service fees with Domino's, as we've been working to provide the best delivery experience at the best value to customers for more than 60 years, and that's not stopping any time soon."

It seems as though the freebies have already begun being delivered, as many took to social media to share their surprises with the masses.

All customers who order online are eligible for the freebies, and those who are selected will be given the heads up via their order confirmation as well as by receiving a "surprise" sticker on the free food item when it's delivered.

Domino's Pizza was up over 36% year over year as of Tuesday morning.

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