Leading The Way: A Chat With Candice Bar, Founder And CEO, Luxe Enterprise

"If you don't have anyone positive around you, be ok with being by yourself. Work on yourself daily. Do not compromise, do not give up, do not forget your mission and your why."

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I recently held a space on Clubhouse where I asked the question: “What can men do to help women lead?” I have always been a huge advocate of female entrepreneurship, and when I had the chance to interview a woman that I personally felt was at the top of her game, I was hungry to have the opportunity to understand how Luxe Enterprise founder and CEO Candice Bar has been showing up in the world.

Luxe Enterprise
Candice Bar, founder and CEO, Luxe Enterprise

Bar’s enterprise began with her show, Luxe Life with Candice Bar, in which she interviews celebrities and entrepreneurs about their personal life journeys. “After having that show for several years, the Luxe Enterprise branched off into Luxe Media, Luxe Media Studios, Luxe Life Cosmetics, Luxe Life Magazine, and Luxe Wear,” she says. “Everything is under the Luxe umbrella.”

Having had the opportunity to listen to Bar and other women in entrepreneurship, I can’t help but applaud the courage, bravery, and innovation I have been seeing at the centre of female entrepreneurship. As a man, I am humbled by the energy, humility, and vulnerability they use to lead the way, at a time where the world needs leaders more than ever, and especially those that are empathetic and wanting to contribute to the greater good of society.

Here are excerpts from my chat with Bar:

You’ve recently evolved the Luxe Enterprise brand to be the first female owner of a radio studio in the USA. How did this happen, and how important is it that we continue to evolve in our business endeavors?

It is imperative that businesses continuously evolve. Being an entrepreneur is living in a highly creative space. The studio emerged out of a need that I felt should be fulfilled- customer service, beautiful space, high attention to detail, and professional products being made. We look at hosting a show or podcast as another branch of someone's business. Having a well done show with a professional, knowledgeable team is important, and the space it is created in is crucial. The studio is a hub of creativity.

On your show, you’ve interviewed many thought leaders from Jay Shetty to Les Brown- what do all these high achievers have in common?

Belief in self. Belief in the unseen. Following their visions and "divine downloads.” Doing things nervous or scared, but at least doing them. Action is everything.

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I love finding out about people’s motivations, and what led them on their current paths. What is the back story with regards to your entrepreneurial journey?

I was raised to be an entrepreneur. I'm a fourth generation business owner/entrepreneur. The women in my family were extremely strong willed and powerful. As I continued in my business, I noticed more women could definitely tap into their potential. It's important to show other women and the younger generation you can write your own ticket, pay your own bills, go where you want, get what you want, and help who you want without having to "ask for permission.” Freedom is everything.

What’s your advice for men to help women strengthen their place in the world of entrepreneurship?

Help connect them with the right people. Support them if they are a spouse or partner- really support them. Help get them into power positions. Invest in female-owned companies.

You’re a massive advocate for female entrepreneurship, and you also keep yourself surrounded by powerful women. What’s your message to those that are struggling right now to keep going?

If you don't have anyone positive around you, be ok with being by yourself. Work on yourself daily. Do not compromise, do not give up, do not forget your mission and your why. It doesn't matter what people think or feel toward you. Get to know your inner strength well, and use it. Don't be pushed around, and don't be afraid to push back.

What have you learned about yourself through the COVID-19 crisis?

That mindset is absolutely everything. If you can be clear and calm in the storm, you've won the game.

We know that asking great questions gives us a great opportunity to glean and grow in our knowledge and understanding. So, what questions should be be asking ourselves in 2021 so we keep impacting the world?

Does this contribute in a positive way? Am I staying true to the greater vision? Am I proud of the work that has been accomplished?

What do you want your life and brand to be known for? What essence are you wanting to leave behind when your time on earth is complete?

Excellence. Empowerment. Strength. Authentic. Classy. My company is a big contributor to "new media,” which means getting truth out into the world, giving expert advice, and not being afraid.

If you, Candice Bar, did not exist, why would the world need to invent you?

Because the world needs magic. More people need to be taught to use their personal magic. Everyone has it, but few are willing to use it or acknowledge it.

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