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Man Joins a Search Party and Realizes It's for Himself

One Turkish resident took 'finding yourself' to a new literal meaning.


On Tuesday, a Turkish man joined a search party and found himself looking for an unlikely missing person.

Yuri_Arcurs | Getty Images

According to news outlet Sabah, 50-year-old Beyhan Mutlu was drinking with friends in Turkey's Bursa province when he wandered into a forest early morning. Mutlu eventually returned to his friend's villa and went to sleep. But Mutlu's friends, unsure of his whereabouts, reported him missing.

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When Mutlu woke up in the early morning, he saw a crowd and joined them upon learning it was a search party. But after some people in the group began calling his name, he revealed his identity.

"Don't punish me too harshly, officer. My father will kill me," he later told rescue workers. 

According to Turkish news outlet Daily Sabah, authorities took the missing man home when they realized he was not, in fact, missing.

You can watch an interview with him about the incident (in Turkish) below:

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