Jasleen Royal: The Singer Flooding Our Timelines

You've probably heard her inimitable voice in songs like Love You Zindagi from Dear Zindagi and Din Shagna Da in Phillauri

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Ludhiana girl Jasleen Kaur Royal, who became popular after qualifying as a semi-finalist in India’s Got Talent in 2009, in an interview with Entrepreneur India expressed while reminiscing early memories on how she got influenced to have a creative bent towards music, The curiosity with regards to sound is something that cropped in at a young age in me. I explored music, listened to artists from diverse backgrounds. For me, it was really interesting how notes are like the alphabets of the musical world. You can put them together and make countless melodies each telling a different story.”

Jasleen Royal

According to the young singer-songwriter-composer, ideas generally comes to her in an instance and that's where she gets the edge in her music from. The ideas that are wild and spontaneous work the best when materialized in a musical arrangement, the main reason behind that is that those ideas come straight from the heart and not the calculated or analytical place. In art, it's very important to be natural and fluid, analysis and data can only help you polish your creations, not generate them.

In a digital world where we have algorithms documenting customer behavior and patterns, it's always good to observe things in a real setting. Noticing how people react to your music in a cafe or during a sangeet, the smiles on their faces, that's my barometer to understand the liking and demand of my audience, Royal scrupulously believes.

“It's important to have a sound balance of creativity and business. You may make the most artistic thing in the world but, if it's beyond the understanding of your audience, it loses its meaning. In a world where money is the biggest driving force, one should make art that is commercially viable and, that's what I do. I always find a way to contemporaries my creations so that the audience feels a connection at some level. Once you establish that connection, you can lure the audience to enjoy your melody and explore its nuances,” she stated while mentioning the fact that one can only be successful when the marriage of creativity and business is destined by hard work.

Every artist has their audience, the trick is to identify and broaden that audience base by infusing new ideas in one’s line of creations. Always keep a watch on what one’s contemporaries are doing and if need be, borrow some of their elements. Never be afraid of experimenting, she advised.

The fact that both of them are temporary is what helps me to deal with them better and have an unshakeable sense of objectivity. Our problems and success don't define us, our character is defined by how we react to them, on dealing with highs and lows in life.

For 29-year-old Royal, an increase in representation of women’s perspectives will offer a breath of fresh air in the music industry and some respite from the barrage of ‘songs on infidelity’ that have been topping the charts. “I would love to see female writers hold more key positions in the industry than they do. The industry welcomes both genders, and only considers the work that one can create. But, given that women started working late, it will take time for them to catch up,” affirmed the singer-songwriter, adding that focus on the creative piece, instead of the artiste who is creating it, has enabled her to develop a good ear for music. 

“Women have different perspectives on matters, but let’s acknowledge that several women-oriented films have been beautifully penned by [male writers like] Gulzar sa’ab too. So, it’s essential to be influenced by good art alone,” she further shared

Royal, with more films like Baar Baar Dekho and Gully Boy on her resume, says despite all odds, it is her ability to create work that she loves, that has repeatedly borne fruit.

“I believe that only if I love what I put out are there more chances of others loving it too.”