This Blockchain-based Platform Aims To Change the Way You Stream

StreamLive combines live streaming with blockchain. Is this finally what we're really looking for?

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We all know how everything changed when the COVID-19 pandemic hit. Different industries and sectors tried their best and showed efforts to adapt to the aftermath of the pandemic and live in the “new normal”.


With that said, we also witnessed how innovations emerged and took the market by storm: hence becoming the silver lining that establishments utilized, to keep the market rolling. Some of these innovations are cryptocurrencies, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), decentralized finance (DeFi), and of course, metaverse. Right now, everyone’s eyes are on metaverse and how it will bring new creations or how it will change the way things are at the present.

At the same time, there were already existing industries that prospered significantly due to the high demands from the market that the pandemic caused. The perfect example of this is the live streaming sector. Due to geographical limitations and other several restrictions, people turned to live streaming so they could still connect, stay updated with the current news, and keep themselves entertained — given how mobility was constrained during this time.

StreamLive knew all about the challenges that surfaced during the pandemic. Being aware of these problems and combining them with the most innovative technology to date — blockchain, StreamLive conceptualized the perfect solution for this, a blockchain-based platform.

StreamLive developed the platform to address even the difficulties that the live streaming industry still faces at present. However, as it is blockchain-based, the platform offers more than a typical streaming platform.

In detail, it will be a multi-streaming platform that will allow you to multicast your live videos to other different platforms. Simply put, streaming on the platform will allow you to be seen in other streaming channels from various countries; hence, breaking down geographical limitations. What’s more, users — both streamers and viewers — will have the chance to earn STREAM (STRM), the platform’s native cryptocurrency.

Noting the features that existing streaming channels offer, what makes StreamLive’s platform stand out is its multi-streaming facet. Streamers can reach a wider audience with this and gain new spectators regularly. Specifically, the live streams on the platform can be simultaneously shown to 50 other streaming channels worldwide like YouTube, Twitch, Doki Doki Live, Bilibili, Bigo Live, etc.

Moreover, the platform’s API (Application Programming Interface) feature is also interesting as it enables the videos from other streaming platforms to be presented on StreamLive’s platform as well. More so, streamers can carefully filter their viewers according to nationality, gender, age, and location.

If this is not riveting enough, the platform is also going to provide an auto-translation feature. This means that as the streamers speak, auto-generated subtitles will also show and it will be available in three languages — English, Korean, and Chinese.

Interestingly, the platform also has a mobile application version. Of course, all the features in the platform will also be available in the application version.

With all the features that StreamLive’s platform is going to have, many would dare ask — will StreamLive also get into the hype of other technological advances like virtual reality and metaverse? Will StreamLive also be able to integrate these all-new innovations as these will surely be shown through live streaming as well in the future?

StreamLive might put this in their roadmap but who knows? However, isn’t this a thing to look forward to? For now, we can only wait and see for ourselves.

Suffice to say, StreamLive is working hard to revolutionize the live streaming industry. With StreamLive’s platform, the way we stream today will significantly change!

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