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Former Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes Admits to Inaccuracies in Her First Major Cover Story

The ex-CEO was confronted with inaccuracies in an article that discussed Theranos' technological capabilities.


On Tuesday, U.S. attorney Robert Leach continued his cross-examination of former Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes in her fraud trial after a one-week recess. At one point during the testimony, Leach questioned the 37-year-old about the information portrayed in Fortune's 2014 cover story “This CEO Is Out For Blood,” written by Roger Parloff. 

Justin Sullivan | Getty Images

Leach asked about a specific part of the article, which mentioned that Theranos "currently offers more than 200 — and is ramping up to offer more than 1,000 — of the most commonly ordered blood diagnostic tests, all without the need for a syringe.”

He asked Holmes whether she agreed that the statement was inaccurate, to which she replied, “I believe that now.”

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The Fortune article was the first major cover story on the former CEO, and was included in several of the company's promotional binders and a PowerPoint presentation. 

Holmes said she didn't remember forwarding the Fortune article to investors or potential investors when asked. 

Holmes' testimony is set to continue today, with the case scheduled to conclude by mid-December. If found guilty, she faces up to 20 years in prison.

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