Prio - An Ultimate Solution to Managing Contracts and Clients

With the right tools, the advantages of working from home might surpass the benefit of working in an office environment

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In recent years, remote teams, which consist of people who work from different places worldwide, have become increasingly popular. 

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According to a recent poll, remote employment has increased by 91 per cent over the previous decade. 

Businesses around want excellent remote work software to manage their remote employees, especially in light of the current pandemic that’ is pushing even more enterprises to work remotely.

Remote teams can be challenging to manage, and it’s rarely just a matter of having a good WiFi connection. It all comes down to having the appropriate leadership, having the right team, and having effective communication between them. 

Many companies are using new tools and resources to replace office contact points with technology in order to make it simpler for their remote workers.

However, with many tools and software options, it’s critical to do it correctly the first time. 

Organizations must take the time to discover a solution that can streamline their remote work operations rather than making them more challenging.

And, with the right tools, the advantages of working from home might surpass the benefit of working in an office environment. Among the best remote working software is Prio Invoicing and Hour Tracking Software.

How Does Prio Works in Managing Contractors and Clients?

Prio simplifies the time tracking and invoicing process while also providing statistics that help safeguard the profitability of a services organization. Currently, Prio is offering two major features; let’s look at each of them and how they work.

Team Time Tracking

Prio simplifies the categorization and organization of time entries by category, project, and customer. It’s easy to analyze the data and determine what has been invoiced. 

For any given project, workers may be paid at several different rates, with the ability to plan rate adjustments at any time. You can look at the inline cost and income numbers for each week.

If you charge an hourly fee for your services, safeguarding the lifetime of those hours is critical to keeping a consistent profit. Schedule management, time tracking, profitability analysis, invoicing, and other features are all available through the Prio software.

The time tracking feature works in the following pattern:

  • Invite workers

  • Worker entry time

  • Analyze and invoice

Automatic Invoicing

Establish employee and customer billing procedures in advance to ensure timely invoicing, which the client can then adjust and approve.

Clients have access to a branded analytics dashboard, which allows them to approve and pay invoices immediately.

Prio establishes a pattern for issuing invoices in the shortest amount of time. Choose when and how invoices are sent, and drafts are automatically prepared on the scheduled approval date.

The invoicing feature works in the following pattern:

  • Create a client and project

  • Enter time spent on activities

  • Approve your invoice

The Bottom Line

IIf remote team time management is a frustrating struggle, Prio offers the best solutions to tackle remote work challenges.