Numerous DEX Support Available for XRC20 Tokens Deployed on XinFin XDC Network

Lower pricing, greater TPS, and less energy consumption are a few of the XDC Network's benefits over the Ethereum network

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The Ethereum DEX has exchanged over $132 billion since its debut. A total of $207 million in transaction fees was incurred by more than 1.34 million Ethereum transactions (excluding trading fees).

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Lower pricing, greater TPS, and less energy consumption are just a few of the XDC Network's benefits over the Ethereum network. To enable hybrid relay bridges with instant block finality and ISO 20022 financial messaging standards, exchange inFinite (XinFin) has designed a delegated proof of stake consensus network (XDPoS).

Thanks to the DEX support for XRC20 tokens on the XDC (XinFin) Network, numerous new projects may access the market fast. XDC Networks' newly built DEX are GlobianceDex and Xswap.

Globiance DEX

XDC's first automated market maker (AMM) will be Globiance DEX in December 2021, according to the company.

Users don’t need to register with GlobianceDex before trading XinFin-based tokens, earn tokens, and utilizing the DEX's crypto trading features. Tokens may be added to the Globiance DEX token list by the community. Members may fill out Github forms, and the development team will get in touch.

Users may trade tokens not featured in the default token list. Users type in the token's address and press "Add". Coins and trade pools are made public when a coin is added to the default token list. It now has XDC, WXDC, GBEX, USDG, and SRX.


Xswap is the Automated Market Maker (AMM) for XRC20 tokens on the XDC Network and is a decentralized open-source exchange. Like ETH in the Uniswap AMM exchange, it will serve as a mediator in the XDC Swap. AMM is used to help in crypto trading, and user-created liquidity pools are relied upon.

There will be numerous pools of liquidity providers' XRC-20 tokens for LP rewards. Investors of all skill levels may generate passive money through farming. Staking will be built-in into the platform. Staking, on the other hand, allows users to invest in a single token.

Documentation and GitHub resources are available online for the XDC Network's blockchain. A single API endpoint streamlines complicated blockchain operations, allowing faster and more efficient development.

Multi-purpose crypto service platforms may be built using the MyWish platform's modules for token contract construction, airdrop launch, and more. There is no requirement for anybody to know how to code.

All these factors indicate that the XDC ecosystem is growing rapidly. At the time of writing the XDC coin is trading at 0.071 USD on CMC Sustaining in the top 100 positions.

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