Celebrating Creativity: Dubai-Based Concept Store FLTRD Opens New Space To Introduce Art To Wider Audiences

By creating a welcoming yet artistic space in its collaboration with Art B Dubai and M Square Gallery, FLTRD is hoping to entice even non-art lovers to visit the brand new opening.

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Dubai-based concept store FLTRD has opened a new art space located in Gate Avenue at Dubai International Financial Centre, with the venue collaborating with Lebanon-based entities Art B Beirut and M.Square Gallery for its launch in November this year. “By creating this welcoming, yet artistic space in our collaboration with Art B Dubai and M Square Gallery, I am confident that even non-art lovers will be intrigued to stop by and explore deeper,” says Zeina Ladki, founder, FLTRD. 


FLTRD’s work with Art B Dubai -an extended arm of Art B Beirut- has resulted in the creation of an exhibition entitled, True Colors, featuring works by 19 contemporary Lebanese artists like Bassam Kyrillos, Hussein Madi, Alfred Basbous, Jamil Molaeb, Hassan Jouni, and more. The space also hosts M.Square Gallery’s first exhibition outside its headquarters in Lebanon, with it choosing to showcase luxurious home accessories and gifts that will be of interest to any discerning customer. “The idea behind these particular collaborations was to make art more approachable; FLTRD is all about creating spaces that are friendly and not intimidating,” Ladki says. “I have always been a big believer in collaborations. Personally, I feel that they add a ‘magic touch’ and prove to not only be a positive but a special addition to any brand or institution.” 

Zeina Ladki, founder, FLTRD. Source: FLTRD

Having worked with a number of artists from Lebanon for this new FLTRD space, Ladki is hoping that the works shown will be a reflection of the potential inherent in the creatives hailing from the country, which, unfortunately, remains in turmoil. “Hopefully, these pieces will be a reminder that no matter how tough things get, whether there is a war, an economic crisis, or any kind of instability, art will always be an outlet and a strong fundament of any culture,” she notes. 

This explains why Ladki believes the growing art scene in the UAE will have a positive impact on the Lebanese creative community in the MENA region. “There are so many different activities happening in the UAE, from art spaces to pop-ups– this country truly has become a vital player in the Middle East, not just for the Lebanese society, but the region as a whole,” Ladki adds. “I believe that creative spaces showcasing Middle Eastern artists are very important not only for the Lebanese community, but the wider region as well, because it creates a sense of pride within the community, and a place where people can visit and exchange their thoughts, have discussions, and be inspired.”     

The "True Colors" Exhibition held at the Art B Dubai gallery in collaboration with FLTRD. Source: FLTRD

Ladki thus hopes that FLTRD will play a key role in enabling such interactions to take place in the UAE, and it’s something she’s working toward to secure the enterprise in the long term. “It’s all about perspective!” she says. “For me this is only the beginning of a long and successful journey with Art B Dubai, and I look forward to collaborating with more talent in the future. From a business perspective, I hope that FLTRD will ‘export’ these unique art spaces to other parts in the region– stay tuned!” 

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