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EMPG and OLX Group, Owners Of Dubai-Based Bayut And Dubizzle Respectively, Merge To Form Unicorn Company

The two enterprises have merged their MENA and South Asia operations to form an AED3.6 billion (US$1 billion) Dubai-based unicorn company.

The How-To: Score Your Business's Preparedness For The COVID-19 Crisis (And Its Aftermath)

When the COVID-19 crisis struck, investors realized they needed to understand whether their portfolio and pipeline companies were ready to outlast the economic uncertainty created by the pandemic.

Dubai Chamber Explains COVID-19 Preventive Measures To Keep In Mind When Going Back To Workplaces

From guidelines on using public transport to get to work, to procedures to comply with when one is in the office, here's a video from Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry that will help you understand how you can help reduce the risk of infection, and protect your health and that of your loved ones. 

Why Remote Work Makes Teams (And Leaders) Better

The silver lining of this is that these difficulties in going remote will force companies to take a more intentional approach to people dynamics than they did when operating in person, and this will only make companies more effective when in-person operations resume again.

Adapt To Change: Five Tips For Entrepreneurs To Make It Through The COVID-19 Crisis

COVID-19 is a temporary problem, but our businesses are permanent. Coming out on the other side of this will be a testament to the resilience of businesses and their leaders.

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Google Meet For Everyone: Google Offers Its Video Conferencing Product For Free Up Till September 30, 2020

Google Meet has become available for free to everyone who needs it due to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, says Tarek Khalil, Head of Google Cloud in MENA.
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Dubai-Based Telehealth Startup InstaPract Helps Patients Consult Doctors From A Distance During COVID-19 Pandemic

InstaPract's white-label telemedicine platform allows hospitals, clinics and entrepreneurs to offer HIPAA-compliant video consultation with payment integration to their clients using web, Android or IOS devices.
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Four Dubai Startups Providing Solutions Catered To Tackling The Coronavirus Pandemic

A look at the startups under the umbrella of startup incubator in5 that have been bringing forth innovations to ensure the safety and wellbeing of people in the UAE amid efforts to curb COVID-19.
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A Guide To The Relief And Stimulus Measures Offered For Businesses In Dubai Amid The COVID-19 Crisis

A look at the support being given to businesses in Dubai over the course of the COVID-19 crisis.
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Survival Of The Fittest: A Game Plan For MENA Businesses To Get Through The COVID-19 Pandemic

It is well known that a company's biggest asset are their people, so looking after and protecting employees should be a priority for any business.
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How The COVID-19 Crisis Has Made HR One Of The Most Important Jobs Today

While businesses continue to make hard decisions to stay afloat, HR teams work to keep up employee morale, reconfigure workflows, redeploy talent, and upskill staff to help them stay relevant.
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Dubai Chamber At The Forefront Of Applying Virtual Mediation To Settle Business Disputes

The virtual mediation service is part of Chamber's aim to provide an integrated system of smart and electronic services that cover all the needs and requirements of the business community, which enables its customers to complete all their transactions remotely, easily, and in accordance with the highest international standards.
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Amid The COVID-19 Crisis, Dubai Chamber Completes More Than 100,000 Electronic Transactions In Two Months

Dubai Chamber provides a wide range of smart services for the business community in Dubai through its website, smart applications, and other channels
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How Dubai's Lockdown Affected User And Search Behavior On The Internet

Looking at the shift in the days and times that people are browsing the internet, this could help one decide on the best times to run digital advertising campaigns or publish social media posts.
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Dubai Chamber Demonstrates UAE's Successful E-Commerce Performance Amid The COVID-19 Crisis

The UAE has outperformed advanced economies in the inventory of basic materials owing to government support.