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Time For A Reset: What The COVID-19 Crisis Might Mean For Gender Equality

Let's resolve to do what we can to ensure that our "next normal" is far better than the previous one.

Ride On: Oman-Based Carzaty Makes Use Of An Omnichannel Approach For Its Online Car Showroom Platform

Once the customer chooses a specific car via the online platform, Carzaty delivers it to the specified location in a matter of 15 minutes for a test drive, thereby combining the best of online and offline services.

Sometimes, Founders Need To Step Back And Hand Over Control To A New Team For The Enterprise's Betterment

Why would anyone willingly relinquish the CEO title and the dream of running their own show? This entrepreneur notes why it's good for the business.

The Case Against Quick Wins: Short Sighted Decision-Making Can Lead to Long-Term Strife

Amid the COVID-19 crisis, it can be tempting to think of only the here and now, but remember, your enterprise is something you want to stay for the long haul.

Immersive Experiences: An AED45 Million UAE-Based Equity Fund, Is About To Reshape The MENA Region's Entertainment And Leisure Sector

Formed in 2017, Immersive Experiences came to life after the co-founders identified a gap in the region's entertainment industry, which led them to spend over a year and a half selecting a suite of pioneering, engaging, and multi-sensory entertainment concepts to completely reshape the current entertainment options that exist in the region today.

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Google Launches US$13 Million Worth Of Loans And Grants To Help MENA Startups

There's quite a lot of opportunities to unpack in Google's new program, so MENA entrepreneurs, don't miss out!
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Driving Results: Instashop Founder And CEO John Tsioris Wants His Work To Speak For Itself

The company has managed to generate nearly $300 million in gross merchandise value, with more than 500,000 active users in five countries across the Middle East.
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Moving Forward With Hope: How The Israel-UAE Accord Can Enable The Countries' Startup Ecosystems To Benefit From Each Other

The peace agreement between Israel and the United Arab Emirates was not named the "Abraham Accords" in vain- its name symbolizes that respect for the past and the religion that sits in the core being of each one of these two countries.
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The COVID-19 Crisis Presents An Opportunity For Companies To Step Up Their Efforts In Ensuring The Safety and Well-Being Of Their Employees

The coming days and months will remain extremely sensitive and challenging for leaders as they experiment, explore, and evaluate new methods of working to keep their employees more productive, resilient, and safe.
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Starting Afresh: Launching A New Enterprise (After Exiting The Business You Led To Success)

"I understand the challenges of launching a new venture first-hand, and would encourage all budding entrepreneurs to remain resilient when starting out."
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Sweetheart Kitchen Raises US$17.7 Million In Series C Funding Round To Launch New Brands And Kitchen Units Across MENA

With the new capital fusion, the team is excited to scale across the region as they originally planned, starting with its relaunch in Kuwait.
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The Second Wave Of The COVID-19 Crisis' Impact On Businesses (And Here's What You Can Do About It)

The second wave may be even more difficult than the first, because we haven't all yet found our feet after being knocked over.
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Picture Ready: UAE Startup Kapturise Is Here For All Your Photography Needs

Founder and CEO Habeeb Furqan aims to streamline the entire photography process for an informal and simple experience with his venture Kapturise, an on-demand photography app for your personal and business needs.
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Got Questions About Entrepreneurship In Dubai? Dubai Chamber's Natalia Sycheva Is Here To Answer Them On 'Ask The Expert'

The latest edition of Dubai Chamber's Ask The Expert will feature Natalia Sycheva, Manager - Entrepreneurship, Dubai Chamber of Commerce.
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Here's Why UAE-Based Startups In The Resale Space Are Poised For Growth

In the UAE, new business models around resale and recommerce have arisen to serve the needs of millennials and Generation Z.