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Dubai Startup Hub And Dtec Release Report Highlighting Attractiveness Of Dubai's Startup Ecosystem

Dubai Startup Report 2021 is a guide on Dubai's startup landscape and what it can offer to international investors and other interested parties including business-friendly incentives and measures.

Staying Focused In Overwhelming Times: The How-To

Seek professional help if you start to feel constantly overwhelmed, experience anxiety and panic attacks, or find that no amount of rest is enough to recharge your batteries.

Why SMEs In The Middle East Should Take A Proactive Approach To Energy Management

At a time when margins are tight and the market is competitive, developing an energy management plan allows SMEs to cut operational costs, increase efficiency, and ensure business continuity.

One Of A Kind: Italian Coachbuilder ARES Design Brings Automotive Bespoke Experiences To The Middle East

The contemporary coachbuilder has opened its door to an all-new 250 sq. m. showroom located in Dubai, through which it promises customers an immersive brand experience and exceptional customer service.

UAE-Based RadYes Can Help Transform Your Social Media Content Into A Sales Transaction

Middle East social commerce platform RadYes wants to equip restaurants with tools to sell their dishes through the restaurants' social media accounts, website and even WhatsApp.

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Glamazle Founder Neelam Keswani On Taking The Plunge In E-Commerce founder Neelam Keswani believes entrepreneurship must be experienced in order to be fully understood.
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The Art Of Convenience In Motion

It is important for the business community to follow closely the sentiment of the consumer, ensuring a consistent level of deep understanding of what consumers want and value most, in order to continue to be a competitive provider in the marketplace.
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Onward And Upward: StarzPlay Secures US$25 Million Investment From Ruya Partners To Support Its Growth Ambitions

Investors found that being homegrown is one of StarzPlay's main advantages over the stiff competition in the region's SVOD space.
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Six Customer Experience Lessons You Can Learn From Netflix

​​​​​​​One of the major challenges businesses around the world will face over the next decade is the "war for talent," and there is a lot to learn from Netflix on that front.
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The Realities Of Retail Post COVID-19: Insights From The Latest Edition Of Dtec Forum, Powered By Entrepreneur Middle East

The event which saw the Dtec team work with Dtec-based company Outreal XR, to utilize its Holofair platform, concluded that the COVID-19 crisis was a masterclass in risk mitigation.
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Rising To The Occasion: Dubai-Headquartered Startup Rise Is Shaking Up The Financial Services Sector

Co-founded by Padmini Gupta and Milind Singh, this fintech startup is on a mission to reimagine financial services provided to the immigrant population.
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Fortune Favors The Bold: Niili Founder And CEO Khaled Al Zaabi

Niili's founder and CEO is aiming to have his UAE-born fashion brand break into the US$350 billion global luxury market.
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Reinventing Governance: Introducing The UAE's Moonshot Apprenticeship 2071 Program

The program is currently selecting graduates from elite universities in the UAE and around the world to team them up with senior UAE government officials, mentors, and experts to bring forth innovative solutions to the challenges facing governments.
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Five Things To Consider When Hiring Your First Employees

It's an exciting, yet nerve jangling moment, and one that brings with it a whole new set of red tape– including legal obligations, expenses and liabilities.
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Rethinking Leadership For The Digital Era

Businesses need to establish a stable, recognizable brand with a sharp and clearly communicated vision, while constantly being challenged to adapt to rapidly-changing circumstances, technologies, and market conditions.