Staying Power: Acknowledging Commitment (And Follow-Through) Is Just As Important As Meeting Targets

"At the end of the day, progress is progress, no matter how small."

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I'm not someone who has a great track record when it comes to fulfilling resolutions I make at the start of a new year.

In January 2021, for instance, I decided to embark on an arguably vain undertaking to get a fitter physique for myself, and 12 or so months later, I found myself lacking the washboard abs I had imagined seeing on my stomach.

I’ll admit here that I was rather disappointed by this outcome, especially since I felt that I had put in the work needed to realize this goal- although my fitness trainer will argue here that I had put in only some of the work needed, with a pointed nod toward the decidedly unhealthy choices that I tend to imbibe as food on a rather regular basis.

Having said that, I had pretty much resigned myself to paint my year-long effort at getting fit as a failure- but a few chance comments from people around me made me rethink the way I was perceiving this whole situation.

For starters, let’s not forget that before last year, I had never stepped into a gym or attempted any kind of workout in my 30-odd years of existence. And though I go about my exercises with complaintive moans and exasperated sighs, I’ll grudgingly acknowledge the fact that I did stick to a fitness routine over the course of a whole year- even if it was mostly because my trainer pushed me to do so.

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And while my food choices still leave a lot to be desired, I must admit that I do have a better understanding of the impact they will have on my health- it’s now a matter of me actually changing my eating habits for the better in the long term. And speaking of spaces that I haven’t been in for much of my life, I’ve even entered my kitchen in an attempt to cook healthier meals for myself- something that was not on my to-do list until very recently.

Finally, with regard to the sculpted six-pack that I dreamt of for myself, well, it hasn’t materialized (yet), but I’ve almost certainly achieved a fitter physique for myself- sure, it could definitely be better, but the improvement I can see in myself compared to where I was just over a year ago cannot be denied either.

At the end of the day, progress is progress, no matter how small, and that’s what I am keeping in mind as I look back on my resolutions for the year that was, as well as when I decide on the intentions that I am setting for this new year ahead of me.

And that’s the mindset I’d recommend for all you entrepreneurs out there who may be down in the dumps for not making your over-ambitious projections in 2021- you still made it through the year, and that’s one more for the books! 

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