This Platform Is Harnessing AI To Treat Diabetes

Dreamed's Endodigital treats diabetes patients through algorithms

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In a world where you talk to your phone, your car, and even your coffee pot, AI is spreading like wildfire. It’s in your home, at your workplace, and at your kid's school.  We all love being able to say, “Siri, what is the temperature outside?”, or “Alexa, wake me up at 5am”, but this technology is also being harnessed goals a little more important than dimming the lights.

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The medical industry is the place we expect innovation. For so many reasons top minds and top dollars are both steadily being poured into the medical field:

Lucrative profits, humanitarian goals, peer accolades for breakthroughs, are just some of the reasons people seek the medical field for their aspirations.

Whatever the motivation might be, it is always encouraging when some team or individual makes a medical breakthrough. We get to see technology used for good. To meet a real need not just for entertainment or to make for a quote, unquote easier life. People enjoy superhero movies because the characters use their powers for good. To help people, to save people. You wouldn’t want to watch a movie where people with power used it for selfishness and for their own profit and gain. Isn’t that a lot of what we see in the world though? Tech used for greed, for gain, and for all kinds of things, we won’t mention in this article.

Why not use tech for good? Why not use it to help people? Why not meet a need. Well, that’s what Dreamed set out to do with Endodigital. From their website, they state their purpose,

“Provide every person with diabetes personalized and expert level care when and where it’s needed by applying advanced algorithms and analytics designed by the world’s leading endocrinologists to all relevant patient data to deliver holistic treatment plan recommendations at the point of care and in between patient visits.”

The need: not enough endocrinologists for diabetes patients.

Dreamed’s solution: AI

But is the technology up to the task? Can A.I. really accurately treat a patient? Dreamed thinks so, and to be honest, their team of physicians and engineers seem to have the medical community, the statistics, and the results to back them up. You can’t read their publications or even just peruse their website without being at least slightly impressed.

A world-renowned endocrinologist, biomedical engineers, and other highly credentialed individuals serve on their team. They have partnerships and participation with accredited organizations such as; Yale University school of medicine, Barabar Davis Center of Diabetes, the University of Florida, Joslin Diabetes Center, and many other recognized organizations, worldwide. They also hold a whole slew of statistics, clinical studies, and medical professionals willing to advocate for them and promote their results. It seems to be a pretty solid case they make.

Many people suffer from diabetes and this technology could very well bridge the gap for those who don’t have the treatment they need. We’ve all heard the TV ads starting with “Do you or someone you know suffer from x disease or ailment? Well, then you need blank”. Well, chances are you or someone you know actually does suffer from diabetes. This is real tech helping real people.

We are living in an era where an algorithm can; plan detailed treatments, suggest lifestyle changes, modify dosages of medicines, and even (as Professor Stuart A. Weinzimer- Yale School of Medicine is quoted as saying in one of Dreamed’s publications,) “think like a diabetes expert.”

It’s truly amazing and it's even more amazing to think where this is taking us. It’s not going to just be diabetes the possibilities are limitless and teams like this are breaking ground on innovations that undoubtedly will be the foundation for medical advances in many years to come. I think if John Ambrose Fleming who invented the vacuum tube couldn’t possibly look forward and see the transistor being invented based on his concepts, and then the modern-day computers and cell phones and all the innumerable electronics that would be built all on his foundations. Then we can’t possibly know what astounding things will be built on the shoulders of these men and women of our day, like Dreamed, just making algorithms and tech for an application like Endodigital that will one day possibly be the foundation of countless inventions and breakthroughs.

If you have someone you know or love that suffers from diabetes and lacks proper treatment, if you are a medical professional that treats diabetes, or if you are like me and just a tech nerd curious to know more because it’s interesting, check out, it’s quite impressive.