NFT Crowd, Rejoice! Twitter Kicks Off NFT Profile Pictures

An immersive virtual reality known as Metaverse is the most talked-about theme today. It is defined as a program-generated space, where people exist, work and entertain in the form of their avatars. From this perspective, there is a massive explosion of interest towards NFTs, particularly NFT avatars, bringing new projects such as The Novatar into life

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Recently Twitter added NFT avatar verification for those subscribed to Twitter Blue, and Zuckerberg announced he’s going to build a fully functioning Metaverse, a kind of parallel reality where people would live in the form of their avatars.


Twitter makes NFT avatars trendy

As might be expected, following Twitter's announcement, thousands of social media user profile pictures have turned from round to hexagonal, marking a new era of NFT social media avatars. While Facebook and Instagram lag slightly behind Twitter in NFT adoption, Twitter is making big strides towards a brighter digital future.

Twitter uses the hexagonal shape to distinguish NFT profile pics from the regular ones: clicking on them a page opens that displays the owner and address information on the blockchain.

With Twitter's new implementations there will certainly be an increase in NFT avatar collections that will try to take their niche in a new digital reality. However, a collection that truly reflects the unbroken connection between the real and the virtual has already been presented. This is of course the new NFT drop - Novatars.

Novatars set a new standard for technologically advanced profile pics

The newly emerging Novatar collection is establishing virtual identities, allowing them to operate and move freely between the emerging digital metaverses.

The futuristic and AI-generated NFT avatar collection has the first-ever built-in aging feature: the coolest feature that sets apart The Novatar from other avatar collections. The NFT holders can trigger the aging process after minting their Novatars into a blockchain. However, it must be noted that the maturing process is irreversible, and aged Novatars won’t be able to turn back into infancy.  These NFT avatars are designed to become digital selves imitating the real-life cycle. The Novatar baby is the projection of human identity in the digital world. 

The baby Novatars have a large gene pool, which is enriched with the additional features while matured. Some genes responsible for profession or sexual orientation (yes, your Novatar can be homosexual as well), are considered rare, hence - valuable.

NFT and the metaverses

The digital future is highly connected with NFTs which are meant to become all-in-one passes to upcoming metaverses.

The fact that NFT and the cryptocurrencies will be widely used in Мetaverse was confirmed by Mark Zuckerberg in a letter to investors, where he cited cryptocurrencies and particularly, NFTs.

Zuckerberg's dream Metaverse is the program-generated virtual full-fledged world. In the new reality people with unlimited abilities will live, teleport, do things just by thinking about them, and effectively go beyond the limitations of the physical world into a bold, new digital world.

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