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"America is Doomed": 'Wheel of Fortune' Fail Has Internet in "Utter Disbelief"

A puzzle from Tuesday night's episode of the beloved game show is sending Twitter into a frenzy.


When it comes to watching game shows on TV, it's easy to assume that if given the opportunity to play the game ourselves, we would win big.

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But maybe that belief is just part of the on-couch-advantage, because watching people solve riddles and puzzles from home is completely different than being in front of an audience trying to solve them under pressure.

At least that's what we hope was the case for the contestants on Tuesday night's episode of Wheel of Fortune, who completely fumbled a puzzle in a way that has left the internet in absolute disbelief and fury.

The show's three contestants — Laura Machado, Christopher Coleman and Thomas Lipscomb — had to finish solving a puzzle that read "Another feather _n yo_r _a_."

Anxious viewers watched as the contestants guessed wrong answer after wrong answer, with Coleman going bankrupt after guessing zero correct letters and Machado missing an unbelievable three times by guessing the last word was hat, lap and map (though she did figure out that the third and fourth words were "in" and "your").

Lipscomb finally guessed the correct phrase, "Another feather in your cap," a popular figure of speech used when someone is graduating, but did so after two incorrect guesses.

Leave it to Twitter to rip into the contestants for what is now being called a "brutal" round of word guessing.

"This was brutal," one Twitter user wrote. "I just kept gasping 'noooooo' at the TV."

"I was hoping they'd just cancel the show for the day and walk off laughing," Jake Bryant bluntly said.

Host Pat Sajak defeatedly said "There you go" upon Lipscomb finally solving the puzzle correctly, but the internet still did not seem pleased.

One Twitter user called the "random letter picking" by Coleman and Lipscomb "painful" while another compared the seemingly mindless guessing to an "SNL skit."

"Tonight's Wheel of Fortune. I can't. That round was brutal," one user even Tweeted alongside a meme that appears to be of Jesus saying "Start the rapture."

Because Lipscomb went bankrupt before correctly solving the puzzle, he did not in fact earn any money from his win.

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