Metasky Raises $1.8 Million

The pre-Seed token sale round was led by Sequoia Capital India and Woodstock Fund

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Metasky, a platform aimed at the intersection of Web3 and creator economy, has raised $1.8 million in a pre-Seed token sale round led by Sequoia Capital India and Woodstock Fund.

Company handout

Metasky is launching a user-friendly Web3 wallet that democratizes access to the decentralized world. Metasky's Wallet can seamlessly integrate inside any existing website or application, converting any existing app to a Web3 app. These assets can then be used to provide exclusive benefits to token holders. These benefits range from unlockable digital content of your favorite creators, exclusive chat rooms and live streams, to backstage access into their offline events.

"Metasky itself is organized as a decentralized community. It is the most efficient way of aligning a group of people towards a shared goal. We want to walk the talk that decentralization is important, but it is a means to an end. Concepts like NFTs only make sense if they are accompanied with a strong set of utilities, a passionate community and real governance rights. We are building Web3 tools to serve this purpose," said Ankit Arora, co-founder of Metasky.

"The founders are accomplished company builders and we are excited to work alongside them as they create a holistic platform for NFT communities," said Shailesh Lakhani, MD, Sequoia India.

Metasky was founded in 2021 by Ankit Arora and Prakhar Sharma to elevate NFTs from just images into objects that are alive and packed with exclusive benefits. The platform aims to be a bridge to Web3 for influencers, creators and brands, said a statement.