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'I Actually Wouldn't Be Able to Afford Driving': Jaw-Dropping Video Shows Gas Bill of Almost $1,000

A TikTok is going viral after featuring a sky-high bill at a local gas station.


Gas prices have continued to skyrocket across the country, due in large part to the Biden Administration's ban on oil imports from Russia amid that nation's invasion of neighboring Ukraine. American motorists have reported never-before-seen costs when filling up their tanks, with one viral clip of jaw-dropping totals taking the cake.

User @riley.14 posted a video over the weekend that showed her family filling up their massive RV at a gas station. A text overlay at the clip's outset read, "You think filling up your car is bad … guess how much it costs to fill up our RV." As her dad begins fueling up, he narrates, "Pumping with some expensive gas, just starting out,"

Throughout the video, the camera pans around the RV and the pump, offering occassional updates.

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At around 100 gallons worth, the pump tallied a whopping $620 — and the tank still had more than 70 gallons left to go. By the time the tank was full at just shy of 171 gallons of gas, the grand total was $944.85, which would amount to a whopping $5.52 per gallon. The family did not disclose which state they were filling their tank in.

The video has since received more than 14 million views and two million likes, drawing shock and jokes about the sky-high tab.

"When I tell you my jaw was on the floor," one user wrote.

"The way I actually wouldn't be able to afford driving bc i don't even have $900 to my name," another put into perspective.

Others quipped that the bill cost more than their monthly rent at their homes, with one adding, "That actually makes me want to cry."

The TikTok's creator clarified that the tank on their RV holds 220 gallons of gas and that it will get the vehicle 1,000 miles, noting that it usually costs between $400 and $600 to fill.

According to GasBuddy, the average price of gas in the U.S. was $4.318 as of early Tuesday afternoon.

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