Redefining Problem-Solving With AI

TheMathCompany came into existence to address pertinent challenges such as lack of scalability, limited customizability, and low speed of execution

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The world is extremely dependent on artificial intelligence for a simple fact: it simplifies complex tasks and makes work easier. Over the years, data and analytics has become an integral part of decision-making, as it helps businesses measure the effectiveness of their strategies and optimize performance. However, surrounded by this information explosion, organisations are not able to gain actionable insights and extract enough value.

L-R: Anuj Krishna, co-founder and chief product officer; Aditya Kumbakonam, co-founder and chief customer and growth officer; and Sayandeb Banerjee, co-founder & CEO.

Recognizing a gap in a saturated analytics market, TheMathCompany came into existence to address pertinent challenges such as lack of scalability, limited customizability, and low speed of execution. The firm helps its customers implement strategic business decisions, blending Math, Engineering and Design.

Founded in September 2016 by Sayandeb Banerjee, Aditya Kumbakonam and Anuj Krishna, MathCo. enables analytics at speed and scale through their human-centric AI solutions. The company onboarded its first Fortune500 client shortly after its inception and has gone on to grow by leaps and bounds since then.

"To solve problems, developing an understanding of the business, their target consumer, and other nuances associated with various industries is a necessity. We realised that it was essential to build a standardised and holistic framework that caters to all our clients and simplifies their entire problem-solving journey. Our proprietary platform, Co.dx strikes the right balance between standardisation and customisation and empowers organisations with contextual solutions that augment decision-making" said Anuj Krishna, co-founder and chief product officer, TheMathCompany.

MathCo.'s proprietary platform, Co.dx houses more than 200 AI widgets and 150 solution blueprints, curating analytics learnings from CPG, Retail, Technology, Insurance, Banking and various industries. With the help of Co.dx, more than 250 business applications have been built so far, with the purpose of enabling organisations to make quick and effective decisions that boost growth. Since inception, MathCo.'s trajectory has been impeccable on all fronts, be it organisational expansion, penetration in various markets or revenue growth.

The firm has raised two funding rounds so far, the recent one amounting to $50 million and led by Brighton Park Capital, an investment firm that specializes in collaborating with growth-stage software, healthcare, and tech-enabled services businesses.

"As we continue to evolve and innovate, this investment will help us in bringing elevated service to our customers and enabling them to be future-ready. While most players in the industry have taken decades to grow to our size, we have built this strong foundation within five years," said Aditya Kumbakonam, co-founder and chief customer and growth officer, TheMathCompany.

The company is a trusted partner to over 50 Fortune500 companies across 15-plus industries in the US, UK, and EU and employs over 1,000 data scientists, data engineers, and domain experts. "Our stellar growth over the years has only been possible because of the unwavering support of our people. We believe that our talent is our most valuable asset and want to continue creating better opportunities for them to learn and grow, while expanding the business globally" said Sayandeb Banerjee, co-founder and chief executive officer, TheMathCompany.

MathCo.'s focus lies in solving the largest number of problems in the most impactful manner. The company aims to continue this growth momentum into the future by expanding in the US and EU markets, along with growing at a minimum of two times year-on-year. With the global demand for analytics services set to skyrocket, the company has its sights set on becoming the most sought after and first-of-its-kind problem solver in the world.