JPIN Launches Strategic Funds with a Combined Value of $150 million

Funds comprise a $130 million JPIN Global Fund in United Kingdom and $20 million JPIN India Fund in India

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UK based start-up investment bank JPIN has announced the launch of two strategic funds worth a combined value of $150 million. The funds are composed of two parts, a $130 million fund in United Kingdom and $20 million fund in India. The fund is the company’s bid to expand its network of global investors and help them connect with next-generation start-ups and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

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This infusion of capital will ensure that start-ups showing tremendous potential across the emerging markets will have the financial means to thrive and scale their businesses to global levels. The UK fund will be primarily invested in the emerging markets of Brazil, Columbia, Mexico, Nigeria, Kenya, Egypt, India, Indonesia, and Vietnam, along with the home market of the United Kingdom.

The venture capital company plans to participate in investment rounds by allocating its initial committed capital in start-ups from Pre-Series A onwards over a period of 3 years. “Through the JPIN Global Fund, we aim to back potential unicorns and decacorns of tomorrow with international capital and help them scale globally, thus enabling them to achieve their true potential,” Gaurav Singh, founder of JPIN, commented.

In India, the VC has partnered with Mastermind under the name Mastermind JPIN Capital Partners Fund, which is a SEBI registered CAT I AIF. The company plans to make investments in SMEs in the country. The JPIN India Fund will also enable the start-up investment bank to focus on more matured SME businesses seeking transformational growth capital.

"Our strategic fund will ensure that SMEs have access to global capital whilst providing our investors an opportunity to invest in stable businesses that are creating a valuable impact and giving VC expected returns,” Nayan Gala, founder of JPIN, added.

In a recent conversation with Express UK, Singh had expressed that there is a massive growth opportunity in India at the moment. The UK based VC believes that trade ties between the countries would be boosted further by a free trade deal between the country. Experts predicted that the deal might be on the table during Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s recent visit to UK.