Bare Body Essentials Embrace The Bare You

Beauty is not a universal standard but an attitude to adorn is the belief that drives the brand

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How do you feel about your physical appearance? A question that is not funny or easy to get answered. Because we live in a culture which is obsessed with the outer beauty and objectification of women's body. Bare Body Essentials surpassed this deep-rooted social norm with the thought of enabling women to accept their bodies as they are. The brand adopted the concept that women should learn to love and flaunt their bodies that gradually necessitates the lavishing love and sustenance on each and every aspect of the body.

Company handout
Zeal Shah, director, Bare Body Essentials

"We believe in falling in love with your bare self. We encourage beauty not as a universal standard but rather as an attitude to adorn," said Zeal Shah, director, Bare Body Essentials.

Bare Body Essentials, a high-end retail destination, dedicated to personal care, wellness and cosmetics . The BBE products reach the consumers through e-commerce platforms. Along with the brand's website, it is also available in Flipkart, Nykaa and Amazon.

Commenting on the brand's research and establishments, Shah said, "We conduct detailed research with regard to each ingredient that goes into market and we carefully hand-pick every ingredients and its concentration to meet the needs and suit various body parts." The brand provides paraben-free, sulphate-free and cruelty-free products.

The thoughts she shared while responding to the challenges in the market that no business goes without its ups and downs. But how you deal with them and grow as a team is what matters.

Stating the future endeavors, Shah said, "We intend to increase the size of our present portfolio while also diversifying it to include other companies." The brand currently has annual recurring revenue of INR 10 crore and aims at a 100 per cent growth in the next financial year, as per a statement. The brand is in talks with potential investors to raise funds for its expansion.