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EU Startups Offered Chance to Accelerate 4th Industrial Revolution Manufacturing Workforce

A new grant aims to create a unique infrastructure for the convenient deployment of human-centric industrial applications.

3 Lessons From European Entrepreneurs Who Succeeded in the U.S.

How do you make it despite the obstacles of strict immigration laws, the language barrier and other challenges?

Does Protecting Europe's Gastronomic Heritage Restrict Innovation?

Recipes have become more like historic artifacts or national treasures rather than cooking or baking instructions.

How Concerned Should European Companies Be About Google's Algorithm Update?

Whenever the search giant makes changes, traffic to certain sites drops.

U.K. Is Home to One Third of Europe's Tech Unicorns

The findings are a tonic for the U.K., which has otherwise been mired in difficulties surrounding the Brexit conundrum.

The European Countries Offering the Best and Worst in 'Digital Life'

The top country won't surprise you, but the lower ranking ones likely will.

These European Startups Are Helping to Address the Microplastic Problem

The issue puts us and ocean life at risk, but companies and governments are starting to address the issue.

All You Need to Know About the EU's New Ecommerce Payment Rules

As of Sept. 14, all companies within the EU must comply with the directive.

Europe Lacks Female Founders and Other Takeaways From the Global Startup Ecosystem Report

Here are the four key takeaways from the latest report on Europe's startup ecosystems.

What to Do if You Are a Victim of Cybercrime

Not only is there a real need for people who have experienced cybercrime to report it but there are concerns over the large number of people who choose not to raise any alarm.

Will Sweden Become the World's First Cashless Society?

Here are the pros and cons of the country switching to an all-digital currency.

Are Refugees and Street Kids Europe's Hidden Entrepreneurs?

Street kids, migrants and asylum seekers or refugees all share similar personality traits that could mean they are actually born entrepreneurs.

Are ICOs a Worthy Option for Startups in Central and Eastern Europe?

ICOs have emerged in recent years as an alternative means of financing especially in the CEE region.

4 Reasons Why Europe Needs Tech Enthusiasts to Vote

The importance of casting a vote for your country's E.U. representatives is more important than ever in defining the European Union's image and standing on the global stage.

What Does Brexit Really Mean for Europe's Startups?

A look at key facts and figures to better understand what Brexit really means for European startups.

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