Alex Malouf

Alex Malouf

Guest Writer
Corporate Communications Manager for the Arabian Peninsula, Procter & Gamble

About Alex Malouf

Alex Malouf is a marketing communications executive who has spent the last twelve years in the Middle East. Alex has lived across the region, in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Lebanon, Jordan, Syria and the United Arab Emirates. He holds the position of Corporate Communications Manager for the Arabian Peninsula at Procter & Gamble.

A journalist by training and with a cultural mix that is both European and Arabic, Alex’s expertise spans communications and media, public relations and marketing for both multinationals in the energy, technology and FMCG space as well as several Gulf-based government institutions. An entrepreneur in his own right –along with his wife, Alex founded the first business-to-business magazines in Saudi Arabia– Alex’s experience includes corporate communications, media relations and outreach, content development, crisis/ reputation management, and digital/social media. When he’s not putting pen to paper, Alex can be found advocating for the region’s media and public relations industry.

Alex is passionate about promoting sustainability in the communications sector by highlighting the industry’s potential to GCC nationals. He works with not-for-profit organizations such as the Middle East Public Relations Industry to shape and support training and awareness initiatives for both those wishing to pursue a career in public relations.

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