Alon Ghelber

Chief Executive Officer

Alon Ghelber is an Israeli Chief Marketing Officer. He also works as a marketing consultant for several Israeli VCs and is a member of the Forbes Business Council. He is also the founder and manager of the LinkedIn groups “Start Up Jobs in Israel” and “High Tech Café.”

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Operations & Logistics

HR Teams Need AI to Unlock Organizational Success — But There's One Thing Holding Them Back.

In the race for organizational success, HR's role is pivotal. With AI innovation at the forefront, why the hesitation? Let's explore the reasons behind it and how to embrace AI intelligently.

Science & Technology

How to Navigate the Hidden Risks of AI and Digitization

Discover how businesses can harness the potential of AI-powered digitization while mitigating risks related to data governance, ethics, workforce adaptability and cybersecurity to drive optimization and achieve unprecedented growth.

Science & Technology

Businesses are Struggling. This Technology is Set to Spark a Revolution for Business

Margins are narrowing, and a typical business doesn't have the same depth of resources to draw on to sustain itself through hard times.

Growing a Business

How Customer Enablement Drives Product-led Growth

Product-led growth is about enhancing the customer onboarding experience while adhering to a low-touch or no-touch model to encourage a self-serve approach. This article covers how product-led development is utilized to create a positive brand experience leading to better customer success.


7 tendencias de transformación digital a tener en cuenta

La transformación digital a menudo está impulsada por las expectativas de los clientes, por lo que solo tiene sentido que las empresas cumplan para prosperar.

Science & Technology

7 Digital-Transformation Trends to Watch

Digital transformation often is driven by customer expectations, so it only makes sense for businesses to comply to thrive.

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