Alykhan Jetha

Entrepreneur Leadership Network® Contributor
Founder of Marketcircle

Entrepreneur, bootstrapper, underdog. President & CEO, Marketcircle. 20+ years as a tech & software entrepreneur – and incredibly proud of what Marketcircle has achieved. But it started quite differently. Passionate about lean entrepreneurship & process-driven startup growth.

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3 maneras en las que me aseguro de celebrar las pequeñas victorias como dueño de un negocio

Aunque es grandioso tener grandes metas y sueños, el camino para alcanzarlos es comenzar con objetivos pequeños.


3 Ways I've Ensured Small Victories As A Business Owner

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5 estrategias para prosperar como dueño de un negocio — sin agotarte

Un estudio reciente reveló que el 42% de los dueños de pequeños negocios han experimentado agotamiento en el último mes, con un 24% adicional lidiando con él actualmente.

Growing a Business

5 Strategies to Thrive as a Solo Business Owner — Without Burning Out

A recent study revealed that 42% of small business owners have experienced burnout in the past month, with an additional 24% currently grappling with it

Growing a Business

The Long Game vs. The Short Game — How Small Business Owners Can Master Authentic Customer Relationships

Success isn't just about the number of sales or the size of our businesses. It's about the relationships we build.

Resumes & Interviewing

This is the Number One Mistake to Avoid After Hiring Your First Employee. Are You Guilty of It?

Hiring the "best candidate for the job" won't necessarily cut it anymore.

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