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Andrew Tarantola is an associate editor at Engadget. He lives in San Francisco and writes about technology.

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Elon Musk Announces $100 Million Prize for New Carbon Capture Tech

It would be his single largest philanthropic effort to date.
Blue Origin

Blue Origin Has Been Trying to Get the Hell Off This Planet for 20 Years Now

The company hopes to put the next few generations of Earthlings into orbit.

Reachy Is an Expressive, Open-Source Robot

Would you like to play a game, Dave?
Elon Musk

Government Sues Elon Musk for Tweeting About Taking Tesla Private

Musk called the SEC lawsuit 'unjustified action.'

The Rosinbomb Rocket Is a Panini Press for Weed

The 13-pound tabletop rosin extractor is designed to squeeze and melt the THC crystals present on the surface of the flower into a solventles.

By the Numbers: The Big Things Google Announced at Its Annual Conference

So that's what the world of tomorrow looks like.

I Took a Ride in Tesla's New Model 3

It's sensibly decadent.

Visa Is Testing NFC Sunglasses That Can Pay for Stuff

Now when you lose your frames, you'll be extra screwed.

Transgender Protection Rollback Sparks Opposition From Tech

The industry is united in opposition to Trump's order, but offers little more than words.

Googlers Stage Walkout to Protest Trump's Immigration Ban

The coordinated protest is happening now across eight campuses.

Soon, There Could Be Light Bulbs That Recycle Their Own Heat

Researchers found a way to make conventional incandescent bulbs more energy efficient.

Billie Holiday's Hologram to Sing at the Apollo Theater

Tupac and Liberace have also performed posthumously via hologram.