Anna Roberts

Anna Roberts

Guest Writer / Founder and Managing Director, Nudge

Anna Roberts, a radio and TV presenter in Dubai, is the founder of Nudge, a communications advisory specializing in public speaking and media training. Anna has interviewed the worlds most high profile sports stars and corporate leaders and believes that business success stems from authentic and effective communication.

Her belief is that everyone should have the tools and confidence to give their ideas a voice, from entrepreneurs pitching for investment through to keynote presentations.

See her work across print regional publications and online on her website where she discusses everything from how to handle a media scrum through to elevating your confidence on stage. Visit and talk to her on Twitter @ImAnnaRoberts #TheNudgeEffect.

Public Speaking

Three Ways To Be A Great Panelist On Stage

As with all things in life, even if your job is to go up on stage and speak about your experiences, preparation is essential.
Communication Strategies

Five Ways To Pitch Better To A Journalist

The truth is that journalists are hungry for sources and contributors to stories, but they often don't want to talk to someone who hasn't had a lot of experience dealing with the media.
Public Speaking

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More often than not, we will avoid preparing for a presentation, and instead go along and hope to just wing it, but the trick is to tackle big challenges head on and leave nothing to chance.
Public Speaking

Making Your Speech Work For You

The use of social media and the sheer number of touchpoints you now have with your audience can keep a speech alive for years, not only increasing your reach, but also advancing your career.
Public Speaking

Sound Advice: Three Ways To Ensure Your Voice Doesn't Fail You Onstage

Frog in your throat? Cat got your tongue? Regardless of the animal you want to put the blame on, having a moment where your voice fails you onstage can be a nightmare to many.
Public Speaking

Five Tactics To Overcome Stage Fright

Here are five tips to incorporate into the run up to your next big presentation that will have your mind at ease and focusing on clearly getting your communication across to your audience.
Public Speaking

Five Tips For Public Speaking Like A Pro

Speaking at an event is a fantastic opportunity to take ownership of how your brand and its key messaging is presented to the public, but that's often easier said than done.
Media Coverage

Get Media Trained: Five Tips To Own Your Live Interview

Failing to prepare, as the old saying goes, prepares you to fail.
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