Anne Fisher

Anne Fisher is the "Ask Annie" columnist & management/workplace contributor for Fortune.

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The Air You Breathe at Work May Be Slowing You Down

The culprit is carbon dioxide, according to a series of studies since 2012.

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Why Don't Americans Take More Time Off?

Even if their employers offered unlimited vacation days, most people wouldn't take any more time off than they do now.

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Why More Overtime Could Be Bad for Employees

One study suggests that the worst impact of making more workers eligible for overtime would be not on the companies or their shareholders, but on the workers themselves.

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Employees Are Happier at Work, But Plan to Quit Anyway

Record numbers of people like their jobs, but think they'd like a different one even better.

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What Are Performance Reviews Really About?

'Enough about you. Let's talk about me.'

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3 Ways to Rescue a Job Interview That's Going Wrong

How to respond when an interviewer isn't prepared, asks a question that stumps you, or just doesn't think you're so hot.

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