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Anurag Tripathi

Anurag Tripathi

Guest Writer / Author of Kalayug – Rupa Publications

Debutant Author, Anurag Tripathi is an alumnus of the Indian School of Business with a course in Advanced Creative Writing from The University of Oxford, Department for Continuing Education.  An erstwhile Investment Banker, his deal making pursuits and entrepreneurial ventures have given him key insights into the working of Corporate World. A keen observer of people, he is a master raconteur who draws on his vast reservoir of life experiences.

He lives in Paris along with his wife.  Both are avid divers, who like travelling and exploring the world lesser known. 

Art and Craft

Problems Plaguing the Art Industry Globally

Art, today is a 50 billion dollar industry globally. It is non-standardized, the pricing is opaque, and the industry itself is unregulated.