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Arpit Sinha

Copywriter at Classy Writeups

A passionate curator, creator, editor and manager of all kinds of written content with other accompanying nuances at Classy Writeups. He has a penchant for unique and result- driven content creation along with its marketing, management and promotion.Also has considerable experience in writing and editing academic research work.


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5 Unfailing Customer Engagement Strategies to Grow Your Brand for 2019

Engaging people has always been and shall always remain a human pursuit, regardless of the end goal

Six Reasons Branding Is More Important Than Ever Before

Branding gives your audience a clear sense of purpose and direction– a credible voice that people want to listen to.

7 Branding Trends Every Business Owner Should Watch Out For

Branding is evolving at a burgeoning pace. What used to work last year may not necessarily work this year and change is the only constan

#7 Psychological Theories Every Marketer Should Consider

The beauty of the theory of reciprocity is that it is premised on the policy of give and take

#5 Content Marketing Ground Rules for 2018

A thorough analysis into the influence, authority and efficacy of content market makes one thing abundantly evident - the longer the content, the greater its impact

#7 Instagram Strategies That Give Instant Wings to your Start-up

You know the cardinal rules for creating good content on Instagram – make it interesting, make it creative and use a lot of hashtags

#10 Commandments of Content Marketing for Start-ups

Churning out original, insightful and even actionable content are reduced to ashes if you're aiming at the wrong target

Decoding Online Reviews: Truth Versus Hype

It's quite possible that the star rating has not been perfect, but the fallout illustrates the fact that people miss that one elusive element - nuance.

Get Your Marketing Strategies Right To Gain Buyers' Trust

Business to Business companies are going all out to promote their brands and pique the curiosity of consumers in innovative formats.

How to Enhance Your SEO Efforts by Guest Posting

Prominent bloggers and entrepreneurs spend a lot of time in augmenting and polishing their social media profiles to maximize their reach

How to Make Your B2B Content Marketing Strategy Work

Sharpen your focus towards one particular customer segment that is proving fruitful to you in the current scenario

Ditching Your Car: How 'E-Pooling' Benefits Your Commute in India's Capital City

Even if one city can carpool around, the number of vehicles in use and thus, the emissions reduce manifold in an instant. The long-term effects include improved air quality and a healthier life.

#3 Consumer Outreach Strategies This Holiday Season for Your Business

Special offers targeting holiday euphoria, announced via social media at the right time, is a good recipe to break into the market and acquire customers.

7 Ways to Grow Your Restaurant Business While Being Bootstrapped

Breathe easy, we've got you covered with these seven tips to grow your restaurant business without an investment.

Decoding the Millennial Consumers in India

India's millennial consumers have a natural proclivity to searching information and are not satiated with the mere of enlightenment; they value the journey of discovering, experiencing and the pride associated with it.

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