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Ashwin Ramasamy

Ashwin Ramasamy

Founder and CMO, PipeCandy

Founder and CMO of PipeCandy - an intelligent sales prospecting platform, used by several well known SaaS, ecommerce tech and mobile analytics companies around the world. Built and scaled a mobile development marketplace "ContractIQ" between 2012-2015 as a the founder, delivering several million dollar worth of project transactions with very well known enterprises and startups as customers, with the developer network of over 4000 companies in 60 countries. 9 Years of experience in sales and account management before starting up. Sold enterprise and startup tech in India, US & Europe


#4 Simple Steps to Maximize RoI from Any Conference

Maximizing RoI means reaching out to only those companies in which you can be a significant value-add
Artificial Intelligence

Has Artificial Intelligence Arrived At The Sales Function Yet?

There is a saying in the world of AI - Don't model the world; Model the mind