Austin Rotter

Entrepreneur Leadership Network Contributor
Media Relations Strategist

Austin Rotter is a strategic PR professional with over a decade of experience in the field. He has worked for a number of clients ranging from Fortune 100 brands to hypergrowth tech companies, impressing each one with his innovative strategies.



3 Ways to Supercharge Your LinkedIn Marketing Today for Tomorrow's Growth

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Data & Recovery

Why Zero-Party Data is the New Secret Weapon for Brands

With all the data sources available to brands and marketers, is zero-party data actually the most valuable insight?


Por qué Zero-Party Data es la nueva arma secreta para las marcas

Con todas las fuentes de datos disponibles para las marcas y los especialistas en marketing, ¿los datos de terceros son realmente la información más valiosa?


4 Ways to Improve Your Digital Footprint on a Shoestring Budget

There's no reason to take an online back seat when it comes to marketing and advertising strategies, even if your wallet is thin.


4 formas de mejorar su huella digital con un presupuesto reducido

No hay razón para quedarse atrás en línea cuando se trata de estrategias de marketing y publicidad, incluso si su billetera es delgada.


3 Ways Covid-19 Has Changed the Marketing World

How evolving human connections, the creation of the metaverse and the popularity of micro-influencers created disruptive and likely enduring shifts.

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