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Netherlands McDonald's Wants You to Make Music While Eating

Dutch designers created a musical placemat.
Job Satisfaction

American Employees are the Happiest They've Been in Years

An annual survey from the Society for Human Resource Management shows that job satisfaction is at its highest percentage in a decade.
Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg Takes Facebook Workers to Task Over 'All Lives Matter' Graffiti

People have been scratching out 'black lives matter' and writing 'all lives matter' on the company's signature wall, he reportedly wrote.

Why Apple Will Never Create an iPad-Mac Hybrid

It's because of customer experience, says Apple CEO Tim Cook.
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Has the Ashley Madison Hacker Been Identified?

A security researcher has found clues via Twitter.

Microsoft Offers Up to $100,000 to People Who Identify Security Bugs

Having just released Windows 10, the tech giant is looking to pay out big bucks to bug hunters.
Personality Traits

Why Rebellious Kids Make More Money Later in Life

Not listening to your parents may be profitable, research shows.

Apple, Samsung Are in Talks to Kill the SIM Card

But don't expect a change until at least 2016, a report says.
Artificial Intelligence

Apple's Wozniak: We're All Going to Be Robots' Pets One Day, and That's OK

The tech giant's co-founder is changing his tune about the future of artificial intelligence.

The Worst Thing About the iPhone Is About to Be Fixed

It's huge for public transportation users.
Google Glass

Google's Eric Schmidt Wants You to Know Glass Isn't Dead

The company's wearable face computer isn't gone for good.
Samsung vs iPhone

4 Ways Samsung Says It Will Destroy Apple's iPhone 6

Samsung just took a bunch of shots at Apple. Here are four of them.
Kim Kardashian

Many, Many More Kim Kardashian Apps Are Coming

Her mobile game made $74 million last year.

The Retailers Shoppers Like the Most

A certain e-commerce giant topped the list of favorites, according to a new survey.
Twitter Marketing

Blizzard, You Say? These 5 Companies Used the Social-Media Hype to Their Advantage.

With the snow storm come and gone, here's how some big brands capitalized on the weather.