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Bhushan Kulkarni

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Bhushan specialises in skill and behavioural training and writes blogs on Training, Management, Personal effectiveness and Leadership.


You and Your Startup

Behance co-founder Scott Belsky says "it's not about ideas. It's about making ideas happen"

Post Demonetisation in India, Fintech is the Sector To Watch For

What is heartening being the fact that for the first time such extensive technology enablement conversations, clarifications are happening across the country.

Do You Have A Resource Investigator in Your Team?

Resource Investigators are good at communicating with people both inside and outside the company.
Positive Thinking

Positive Thinking For Success? No, Not Always!

This is what will give you strength to face someone who is strong, mighty and has a very successful winning track record.
Río 2016

3 Performance Lessons From PV Sindhu's Final Match

This 21 year old become the first women to win the Silver for India.

Team Composition – Key To Your Success

A team need not be as many as nine people, but perhaps should be at least three or four.

2 Things That Can Help You Change Faster And Sustain – Part 2

A combination of 'rocket philosophy' and 'flight height' will help improve the chances of acquiring and sustaining new habits.
Leadership Skills

3 Things That Make A Great Leader

Are we expecting a super human out of a leader? Possibly yes, but the journey is worth giving a try!!!

3 Leadership Lessons From Jaipur Pink Panthers - Part 2

Team work, loyalty and leadership is what you learn from Sports.

3 Leadership And Performance Lessons From 1st Winners of ProKabaddi

What made this team demonstrate such a high level of performance so consistently match after match.

How Learning Competency Can Keep Your Organisation Relevant And Competitive

Building learning competency (having knowledge, skills, attitude and behavior of Learning) is one powerful way to acquire these things.
Growth Strategies

How Your Startup Can Leverage Learning and Development for Growth

Getting help for structural solutions will help you in future proofing your firm so that it stays relevant.

Valuable Selling Lessons I learnt on Mumbai Local Train

Travelling in a local train of Mumbai is an experience in itself.
New Year's Resolution

Fulfilling new year resolution

Is new year resolutions made to be broken or do we successfully fulfill them?
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