Bill Roth

Bill is President of NCCT , a consulting firm that helps companies grow green revenue. His newest book, The Secret Green Sauce , profiles best practices being used by successful green businesses. He has previously held roles as senior vice president of PG&E Energy Services, president of Cleantech America (a solar power plant development company) and COO of Texaco Ovonics Hydrogen Solutions (which launched the first hydrogen-fueled Prius).


Social Media

The Intersection of Awareness and New Media

Social media and sustainability converge to create consumers who are more knowledgeable than ever.

Growing a Business

Sustainability Increases Stockholder Value

New research indicates that sustainability can also equal profitability.

Starting a Business

Growing Green Revenues

How alligning value with values can win sales in the office supply industry


Top Consumer Groups Turn to Sustainability

Boost revenue by going green and targeting the youth, women and CEOs.

Growing a Business

Hotel Industry Embraces Green Revolution

Hotels are taking advantage of consumers' desire for eco-friendly vacation options.

Starting a Business

Employ Green Biz Practices Now

Lessons in sustainability from eco-friendly building expert David Gottfried.

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