Brent Ritz

Entrepreneur Leadership Network® Contributor

Brent Ritz is the founder of UBER. At one point in time, Ritz maintained 16 qualifications and licenses, primarily in finance. Ritz has studied design, real estate, business administration and law.

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5 formas de abrir la mente y no sentir miedo

Cuando entiendes por qué suceden o no las cosas, tienes más posibilidades de repetir los resultados.


Lo que Bill Gates y Steve Jobs me enseñaron sobre cómo conocer a tus clientes

Pese a la popularidad de los chatbots y el servicio al cliente impulsado por la tecnología, nada puede reemplazar el poder determinar lo que tus clientes quieren a través de la interacción social personal.

Growing a Business

What Bill Gates and Steve Jobs Taught Me About Getting to Know Your Customers

Despite the push toward chatbots and technology-driven customer service, nothing can replace determining what your customers want through personal social interaction.

Growing a Business

Asking for Help Might Be the Key to Your Success

Collaborating and asking others for help makes you better and stronger, not weaker. Here's why you need to ask for help and take your business to new heights.

Business News

What the War in Ukraine Can Teach Entrepreneurs About Collaboration

Russia's invasion of Ukraine has been devastating to watch unfold in real time. But we've also seen millions of people coming together for the same cause, and all entrepreneurs can learn a lot from this action.

Growing a Business

5 Ways to Open Your Mind and Feel No Fear

When you understand why things do or don't happen, you stand a better chance of repeating results.

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