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CurlMix Couple Turned Down $400,000 Shark Tank Offer; Raised Over $2 Million With Community Support

Kim and Tim Lewis walked away from Robert Herjavec's $400,000 deal for a 20 percent equity stake in the company.
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Single Mom Earning $22,000 As a Waitress Turned Tax Refund Into Million Dollar Real Estate Portfolio

Ashley Hamilton now has a portfolio of 24 rentals and five vacant lots.
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This Black Woman From the Projects of South Philly Built a Million Dollar Real Estate Portfolio at Age 30

Ayesha Selden currently owns over 40 rental properties, thanks to saving early.
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Youngest Female Trader on Wall Street Reveals She Only Earned $12,000 Per Year

Lauren Simmons made history as the youngest full-time trader on Wall Street at age 22, but she still needed her family to help support her.
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21-Year-Old Howard University Student Continues Family Legacy With HBCU Clothing Line

Marketing student Tahir Murray launched LegacyHistoryPride in 2019 to drive more attention to HBCUs.

Maggie Lena Walker Made History as the First Woman To Own a Bank in the United States

On top of that, she was a Black woman. The St. Luke Penny Savings Bank became a catalyst for economic advancement in the Black community.