Chris Stegner

Entrepreneur Leadership Network® Contributor
Co-Founder & CEO of Very Big Things

Chris Stegner is a visionary tech entrepreneur who serves as co-founder and CEO at Very Big Things, an agency that helps global enterprises and startups reach new levels of excellence through digital and AI transformation.

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Science & Technology

3 Major Mistakes Companies Are Making With AI That Is Limiting Their ROI

With so many competing narratives around the future of AI, it's no wonder companies are misaligned on the best approach for integrating it into their organizations.


La inteligencia artificial generativa podría ser lo mejor o lo peor que le pase a tu empresa en 2024. Esta es la razón

La IA está lista para cambiar drásticamente los negocios tal como los conoces. Esta tecnología tiene el potencial de ser lo mejor o lo peor que le ocurra a tu empresa el próximo año. Aquí te explicamos cómo puedes aprovechar al máximo esta oportunidad.

Science & Technology

Generative AI Could Be the Best or Worst Thing That Happens to Your Company in 2024. Here's Why.

AI is poised to drastically change business as we know it. The technology has the potential to be the best or worst thing that happens to your company in the coming year. Here's how to make the most of the opportunity.

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