Claire Brummell

Lead Consultant, Creator & Founder at The Universal Needs

An international consultant and expert in human behaviour, Claire Brummell is the creator and founder of The Universal Needs (a proprietary model and methodology), which specializes in business, HR, leadership and mental health.

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Go Beyond the Bare Minimum for Your Team and Create a Destination Workplace

We know about destination weddings, hotels and resorts. But what about a destination workplace? Here's how to create an environment that truly nurtures your employees and ensures they won't want to work anywhere else.

Operations & Logistics

The Labor Shortage Is Only Getting Worse. What's Causing It and How Can I Avoid Losing Staff?

Many business leaders are feeling powerless to the worsening labor crisis, which some say was caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. But what if there were other reasons for this issue, reasons that are squarely within your hands as a business leader to address?

Business News

4 Ways to Lead Your Organization Through the Omicron Surge

Leaders are scrambling to minimize the highly contagious variant's impact on employees' mental health and engagement, while avoiding another wave of the Great Resignation.


4 formas de liderar su organización a través del aumento de Omicron

Los líderes luchan por minimizar el impacto de la variante altamente contagiosa en la salud mental y el compromiso de los empleados, mientras evitan otra ola de la Gran Renuncia.

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