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Dan Schawbel

Dan Schawbel

Founder, Millennial Branding

Dan Schawbel is a career and workplace expert, the founder of Millennial Branding and author of the New York Times bestselling book, Promote Yourself: The New Rules For Career Success (St. Martin's Press, 2013). Dan is also the author of the international bestselling book, Me 2.0 (Kaplan Publishing, 2009). He produces a free monthly newsletter on workplace trends and career tips.

Take It From The Pros

4 Content Marketing Tips to Boost Your Personal Brand

Here are a few simple techniques to use content marketing to boost your personal brand and extend your reach and visibility in the global online space.

How to Successfully Expand Your Business

Expansion is a risky business endeavor that requires more time, money, and energy than your current enterprise, but once a business reaches a certain capacity, there are only two options: grow or die.
Inspiring Your Team

5 Ways to Make Your Employees Happier and More Productive

A more flexible work environment can help maximize productivity and alleviate burnout.
Work-Life Balance

Yes, There Is a Disconnect Between Employers and Employees on Work-Life Balance

Employers will need to be more flexible with employees as their demands increase.
Hiring Employees

Employers Are Demanding Hard Skills Over Soft Skills, and How Millennials Can Help

In order to fill their job openings, HR managers are prioritizing hard skills, a new study says. Here's how millennials can fill the gap.
Hiring Tips

Gen Z Employees: The 5 Attributes You Need to Know

Millennials? So yesterday. In the next year, companies will focus their attention on recruiting the next generation.

Why College Students Need to Be Entrepreneurial With Their Careers

Here are five ways students can think more like an entrepreneur, and how doing so can improve your chances for professional success.

Why 'Gen Z' May Be More Entrepreneurial Than 'Gen Y'

Here are five important reasons why the younger generation may be more inclined to be the entrepreneurs of the near future.
Run a Better Business

3 Things You Don't Know About Intrapreneurship

Fostering intrapreneurs inside your company can boost innovation and prepare the next generation of aspiring entrepreneurs.
Take It From The Pros

How to Brand Yourself: An Introduction

For many entrepreneurs, it's easier to brand themselves than the business. Here are four ways to do both.