Dhiren P. Harchandani

Dhiren P. Harchandani

Serial entrepreneur and transformative coach

About Dhiren P. Harchandani

Dhiren P. Harchandani has 20+ years of experience working in technology industry, and he began his career in consulting in the Silicon Valley. His experience spans various businesses, from Fortune 50 companies to startups, where he has led teams that have implemented and managed a vast range of technologies. As an entrepreneur, he has founded, managed, and exited multiple ventures. His purpose is to serve and teach everything he’s learnt, while continuing to reach higher states of consciousness and living life as an essentialist by focusing on the highest points of value.

He’s obsessed with finding new ways of thinking about productivity and life by doing less, but better, as this is what he stands for. The intersection of science and spirituality has profoundly been important in his life and is the source of his clarity and ongoing transformation. He’s an avid vegan endurance athlete; the intersection point of veganism and athletic performance fascinates him. One of his many passions is consistently pushing the boundaries out of his comfort zone! He’s an active mentor to startup founders worldwide. He is also a resident mentor to entrepreneurship students studying at a prestigious university in Dubai which is where he currently live with his A-team, wife, Jasmine, and his two sons, Arhan and Mikhayl, and his dog, Zen.

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