Five Ways to Stay Motivated On Your Journey to Success As an entrepreneur, you must master the art of staying motivated at all times in order to avoid losing countless hours of productivity.

By Dhiren Harchandani

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The world is in a constant state of flux, and the same is true for us humans who are in it.

Every day, we encounter a certain amount of change and unpredictability that rock our boats. On some days, we charge at these challenges with a high level of motivation and bring calm back. While on other days, we are unable to muster enough motivation to even get out of bed. This cycle could be potentially disastrous, especially for an entrepreneur.

Lack of motivation is a known killer that has gotten away with the brutal murder of countless hours of productivity. As an entrepreneur, you must master the art of staying motivated at all times in order to avoid this killer monster. And to master this art, you must become a superhuman. The good thing is that I'm ready to show you how.

The superhuman world is where you can do the impossible by making little changes and sticking to a few beneficial habits. To stay motivated, you do not have to do many things at a time. Unless you're interested in courting burnout and exasperation, you should stick to doing only the things that are essential.

Here are five ways that can help you stay motivated and continue your journey to success:

1. Rise early and conquer the day One of the easiest ways to damage yourself as an entrepreneur is not to get enough sleep. Do this too often, and you're trading your creativity for discomfort. Sounds like a pretty awful deal, right? Sleep is a vital process that helps your body to rest and regenerate. For this vital process, you would need about 6-8 hours of sleep each day. Therefore, you have to go early to bed so that you can rise with the sun. Getting enough sleep helps you to get more done. With greater creativity and productivity comes better chances of success. So, if you have great plans for yourself and your business, why not start by getting enough sleep? Watching the sunrise with a grateful heart is a great way to start the day.

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2. Keep a journal The next thing to do after you wake up is to write in your journal. When you spend the first part of your day journaling, you will bring clarity to your life. Journaling helps you organize your thoughts, ideas, memories, and all the things you are grateful for. With journaling, every other practice, such as exercise and meditation, becomes worthwhile because you constantly remind yourself why you're doing them. The five-step journaling method in my book Dose of Meditation can help you shed some light on how you can cultivate or enhance the journaling habit.

3. Meditate Meditation helps you to connect with your inner being. Without meditation, fresh ideas may continually elude you. You can choose to meditate right after you finish journaling. Connecting to your inner genius helps you to remain relevant. If you carve out just 15 minutes for meditation every day, you'll have an awesome head start for the day.

4. Practice essentialism Above all, you should be an essentialist. Essentialism helps to make sure that you're not running around the whole place, dissipating your energy. It helps you to focus on what matters and shun other, less productive activities. When you continually channel your energy down the right path, you will become a master at what you do. When you already have a goal and vision at the back of your mind, it is easy to start the day full of energy and motivation. When you stay true to a cause, you're assured of success!

5. Get someone to hold you accountable As entrepreneurs, we hold others accountable, but who is holding us accountable? Eight times out of ten, we do not have someone to hold us accountable! That's a mistake I have learned how to avoid, and the best way to have someone to hold you accountable is by getting a coach. On your journey to becoming superhuman, you need someone who can get you in the right state of mind and bring out your deepest creativity. You need someone who can share experiences with you, ask you mind-boggling questions, and help you get to the next level in your career, business, and life. That someone is a certified coach.

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Dhiren Harchandani

Serial Entrepreneur, author, endurance athlete, and transformation architect

Dhiren Harchandani began his professional journey as a consultant in the Silicon Valley where he worked for several Fortune 500 companies and startups before embarking on his entrepreneurial journey where he has founded and exited multiple ventures. 

As a transformation architect, he plans, designs, and oversees the transformation of entrepreneurs and executives focusing on how to master their inner game. As an author, he writes about the formula for sustainable transformation. As an essentialist, he's committed to focusing on the 20% that generates 80% of the results in life and business. His passion for family and endurance sports has served as anchors to his life.

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