Eric Dalius

Entrepreneur Leadership Network® Contributor
Executive Chairman of MuzicSwipe

Eric Dalius, as the Executive Chairman of MuzicSwipe, spearheads a music and content discovery platform focused on promoting artist visibility and fostering strong connections with fans. Eric also hosts the weekly podcast FULL SPEED.

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Social Media

How TikTok and YouTube Have Changed the Music Industry Forever

Digital platforms, particularly YouTube and TikTok, are transforming the music industry, democratizing music discovery and nurturing an entrepreneurial shift. Here's how the influence of data, podcasts and upcoming tech trends are shaping the industry's future.

Buying / Investing in Business

4 Reasons Why Investing in this Unique Industry Will Make You Money and Diversify Your Portfolio

Looking for a smart and rewarding move to diversify your portfolio? Consider investing in emerging music artists. The music industry has always been a lucrative and exciting space for investors, and with the rise of streaming services and the internet, it's easier than ever to get in on the ground floor and potentially reap large returns.

Growing a Business

The Benefits of Investing in Talent: How It Impacts the Music Industry and Beyond

The music industry's growth and success rely on supporting emerging artists, promoting diversity and fueling economic growth. Attending live shows, streaming songs and purchasing music are effective ways to support up-and-coming talent, fostering a vibrant and diverse musical landscape for the future.

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